How can you tell that you’re finally an adult?

Baby Sense Baby Seminar | Tyranny of Pink

Last Saturday morning, our alarms went off at 6am. SIX AM! On a bloody Saturday morning!

I can’t remember the last time I woke up that early on a Saturday morning. Anyone who knows me would know that I am NOT a fan of mornings. In fact, I have been known to be quite the freaking grump before my coffee. Thank the heavens that in my house, my husband is on permanent coffee duty – although I suspect he does it more out of fear for his own life than the goodness of his heart.

How can you tell that you're finally an adult | Tyranny of Pink

Me before I’ve had my coffee in the morning!

So why the bloody hell was I up so early this morning by choice? Well let me tell you.

It was for a BABY SEMINAR. I can hardly even get the words out my mouth (is it mouth when actually it’s just down on paper, oh wait this isn’t even paper – but I’m going off on a tangent now). I swear, I would never in my 32 years on earth have imagined a world in which I’d willingly wake up this early and attend a seminar. My husband (that’s him in the middle there) was pretty excited about the dad interaction bit – they had to race to change a doll and the dad who won got a huge prize.

How can you tell that you're finally an adult | Tyranny of Pink

The dads racing to “change the baby.” Gerard might have won if he didn’t dress the baby back to front.

So how did this come to happen to a nice lazy Saturday morning sleep-inner like me?

A few weeks back, I entered a competition (YAY) on The Blessed Barrenness and won tickets to The Baby Sense Baby Seminar. It came with an awesome baby carrier too. So we signed up for early stages seminar (baby’s transition from womb to world, the golden hour straight after birth as well as newborn basics) and put it out of our minds. Till this week when I turned the pages in my diary and realised it was coming up and quickly.

As excited as we are about becoming parents, I was not thrilled about going to bed early on a Friday night so we didn’t. We decided to just wing it… and watch our series under the false pretence that we would be just fine. Come Saturday morning though, waking up felt a little bit like tiny little men were pushing needles through my eye sockets.  I had been up all bloody night peeing which didn’t help either…

How can you tell that you're finally an adult | Tyranny of Pink


WELL! Turns out I’m definitely a grown up!

I am pleased to report that it was all worth it. The seminar was absolutely amazing and we had an awesome time! There was a great variety of speakers with some really great information on topics that we didn’t even know we didn’t know about!

I felt like I left there with some pretty solid information and the gift bag full of goodies that didn’t hurt either ;P

Baby Sense Baby Seminar | Tyranny of Pink

How can you tell that you’re finally an adult? You start attending Baby Seminars on your Saturday mornings!

I would definitely recommend going to any soon to be first time parents. We had a good time and learnt a lot of very useful information about the first few weeks of parenting a newborn.

How can you tell that you're finally an adult | Tyranny of Pink

Jonelle |Tyranny of Pink


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7 Discussion to this post

  1. catjuggles says:

    Best of luck – it is the big human adventure = becoming a parent

  2. shantelle says:

    Im about to join u now ha ha baby number 3 is on its way not part of the plan but o well what can u do now true blue test says im 4 to 5 weeks now exited but dreading the next few months to come

    • At least this time around you know what you’re in for ;P Congratulations! I’m sure the new addition to your family will bring years of happiness…. as for the next few months. Eek. I’m glad I’m nearly at the end of it!

      • shantelle says:

        U lucky yes lol i still have a long long way to go and its the knowing whats to come thats the worst ha ha. Thnks im very exited though

  3. Exciting times with plenty of adulting ahead 😉

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