Refusing to Settle – The Quarter-Life Crisis with Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky

Refusing to Settle - The Quarter-Life Crisis with Adam %22Smiley%22 Poswolsky



Watch this!!

Refusing to Settle!

I watched this TED Talk, have I told you how much I love these talks? There’s a talk for EVERYTHING and I can literally spend days watching talk after talk after talk. There are just so many truly inspirational people out there living their lives and being awesome.

What really stuck with me though is that I love this talk not because Smiley is some sort of world genius or anything. He didn’t find the cure for Cancer, he didn’t adopt ten babies and change their lives and he sure didn’t start a foundation that is affecting the lives of millions. So what did he do that makes him so awesome?

He decided to pursue a life he loves instead of settling on the one he had.

He followed his dreams.

He quit the corporate world and did something that made HIM happy!

This man literally gave up earning a really great salary and having everyone look at him and think wow, he’s got it all together. He gave up what so many people would kill for and he followed his own heart and did something for him that makes HIM happy!!

I am overwhelmed with inspiration after watching thisΒ talk and if you want a little kick in the pants then make sure you watch it too!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jonelle. This is really good for Monday morning motivation!

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