January 2016: I launched a new business, had more surgery and decided to stay positive about some crappy things that happened, oh, and it’s my birthday

January 2016: I decided to stay positive

January 2016 | Tyranny of Pink

My New Business Launch

Hello darlings, I sure have missed you. If you don’t already know, I’ve been majorly consumed with the launch of my new website. Have you seen it? Check it out… jonelledupont.com  I feel really proud of it. I’ve been working on it since July last year, on and off trying to decide exactly what it is I wanted to do and then once I had finally decided, I spent ages writing articles and making it perfect only to completely rebrand it a couple of days before launching. Anyhow, there has been a really positive response and I am really happy about that.


More Surgery

In other news, you may or may not already know. I had MORE surgery on Tuesday. The surgeon and to go in and do a debridement of the abdominal wall. In normal people terms, he basically had to go in and clean up some infected tissue that wasn’t healing. YAY. It wasn’t a huge surgery but it was scary as hell and ended up being more serious than he originally thought. So he had to go in 8cm’s and then as he describes it “put in a hell of a lot of stitches” lol so now hopefully I’ll get all healed up. I’m in a lot of pain but I’m just happy that the surgery was a success.

Theft and Betrayal of Trust

In other, less happy news, I recently discovered that my engagement ring had been stolen. I am heartbroken about it but to add insult to injury, the thief has struck again, this time stealing a necklace given to me by my deceased grandmother. I don’t want to say too much but I do honestly and truly believe in Karma (you can even read THIS article I wrote about it).

“If things go wrong, don’t spend your life drowning in self-pity. Get up and get on with life knowing that sooner or later, the person who screwed you over is going to get it back on their doorstep. Just look at their life and you will start to notice the little ways that Karma creeps in and gets to work.”

I think the thief is going to get what’s coming to them.

Staying Positive if it’s the last thing I ever do

What’s important to me though is that I don’t let this negative stuff affect me and get in the way of my healing. I plan to be 100% better before the end of this year and this negative nancy stuff is not going to stop me. I refuse to let someone else’s issues and shortfalls as a person affect who I am as a person. I don’t think the thief needed the money, I think they just thought it doesn’t matter because perhaps in their opinion I have more than them. I think a lot of theft is a result of entitlement and I definitely feel like that’s what has happened here. Again, that’s their issue and not mine. What saddens me most is that I trusted this person in my home. I let them into my life and thought they were decent and honest. I guess when you discover that someone you trust is actually a deceitful and horrible person, that hurts. I misjudged them and I’m normally a good judge of character. I don’t like that I missed this. I don’t like that I trusted someone who could betray me like this and most of all, I don’t like feeling like a fool.

Anyway, I’ve put this out into the world, now we wait and see what happens with the police. I doubt I’ll get my things back but at the end of the day, I’m alive. A few short months ago, i nearly wasn’t alive to even notice my things going missing. A few short months ago, my things were nearly worthless to me.

January 2016 | Tyranny of Pink

At the end of the day, it’s all just material stuff and I’m alive and I’m here and I’m certainly not letting this person ruin that for me!

So… have a wonderful weekend!

Stay positive!



Tomorrow is my birthday! #JustSaying 😛

Jonelle | Tyranny of Pink

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. P.S. Happy Birthday!!!!! xx

  2. Bonnie says:

    Glad you are not letting this get you down. Staying happy is good for you. Xoxo

  3. Elizabeth Jay says:

    I loved reading this…I love how real you are! I can so relate to your feelings about the betrayal of your trust. It hurts so much. I also have felt like a fool for trusting people who weren’t safe.
    I love that you are choosing happiness in the midst of all you have going on. Blessings and love to you. Xx

    • Elizabeth, your comments are always so lovely. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and being so kind!
      It’s terrible to be betrayed but we just have to choose to be the better person and keep being those trusting and kind people because this is about them and not us! I must admit, sometimes the choice to be happy is a bit of a struggle but then I look at my little baby and I remember how lucky I am to be alive.

      So much love to you!

  4. You’re a brave lady Jonelle. Big up’s to you for remaining classy and positive. Keep it up girl! xx

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