New Year, Same but Better Me! #HappyNewYear2017

New Year, Same but Better Me! Happy New Year #2017 | Tyranny of Pink

Welcome to 2017!

This year is full of all the things you’ve been waiting for. It’s filled with dreams and goals and working harder and making money and being successful. This year is filled with all the same bullshit that last year was filled with. Yup, I said it. Someone had to! Life doesn’t get better just because the days pass by! You get out what you put in!

Making resolutions to be better this year means nothing if you don’t change your actions.

So this year I challenge you. 

I challenge you to actually follow through.
Set intentions for your year.
Set goals to make those intentions a reality.
Set deadlines to bring those goals to fruition.
Don’t set new years resolutions just to let yourself down.
Decide what you want your LIFE to look like and to feel like every single day and work towards that!

Make this year the year that you do you.

New Year, Same but Better Me! Happy New Year #2017 | Tyranny of Pink

The year that you reach your goals because you believe in them.
Define what goals you want to achieve!   Because you want to achieve them not just because you think you need to set some wishy-washy resolution. The fastest way to fail is to do things that you think you should be doing instead of the things that add real value to your life! Set goals that are SMART and Specific! 

This year I challenge you to live your best life.

This is the year to design a life you love, to choose the things that matter to you and to do those things. To spend every single day living in a way that is aligned with your values and that matters to you. Living intentionally.
Be yourself, Unapologetically and make your life one that really counts.
Happy New Year!
Here’s to being you. Just better.

New Years Intention: New Year, New Me! F☆ck That! Same but better me, New Year! #2017

Personally, I want to carry my goals from 2016 into 2017. I’m hell-bent on getting fit and getting healthy! I’ve started my journey and I can already see progress and 2017 is just going to take that a step further for me with bigger goals to reach. I want to lose weight but most importantly I want to feel strong. I want my body to work for me. I want to feel good in my skin and I’ve been working really hard to do that. I want to carry on in that direction. I also want to work harder professionally.

2016 was a year to just do the best I could and see what happens. In 2017 I want to work individually with more women helping them to achieve their goals and see themselves in a better light. I want to invest more energy in coaching women because sometimes we just need a little push to get there!

If you’d like to work with me in 2017 then let me know!

May your year ahead be filled with intentions and may you crush all your goals!

New Year, Same but Better Me! Happy New Year #2017 | Tyranny of Pink

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Alet says:

    Challenge accepted!

    All the best for 2017 xx

  2. Lorenzo Lagorie says:

    Being unapologetically me. Great meeting you Jonelle. True inspiration

  3. ella says:

    I agree with sooo much of this! my new diary is already filled till March with everything I intend to get done this year 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Love that – “same but better me”!

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