Confidence comes from being true to who you are! Not who you think you should be!

We live in an age when loving ourselves is getting harder and harder. Every single day, we are faced with our role models telling us to be thinner, skinnier, curvier, lean and the list of unrealistic beauty standards goes on and on…

You know who dictates the “beauty” industry?

People who get paid by making you feel inferior in yourself.
  • Make up brands that want to help you cover up your dark circles
  • Beauty products made to reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Diet pills to help you lose the excess weight

We need to look the way the models in the magazines look. We need to look the way they look as they walk down the runway. We need to look like they look on bill boards and on television. We can’t look the way we look, we can’t be who we are. We can’t embrace natural. We need to straighten our hair and lose the extra rolls and walk in the highest most uncomfortable heels because that’s what beauty is!

“Women and girls no longer feel that pursuing beauty is an option. Instead, many females feel a pressure that they must achieve the standard of beauty presented to them, and even use beauty to define themselves.  Today we are bombarded by advertisements in the media trying to sell products related to beauty, fashion and dieting products. These advertisements can be found on television, on the internet, in magazines, on billboards, endorsed by celebrities, and even on the radio. They constant influence of these advertisements conveys that we must improve the way we look in order to be accepted by society. The pervasiveness of unrealistic beauty deals in the media creates a cycle of both the in-attainability of these ideals and extreme unhappiness in girls and women.” – Katheryn

 This makes me SO angry! The fact that woman across the globe are buying into these fake and impossible ideas of what happiness should look like breaks my heart. Happiness is NOT losing weight to suit someone’s expectations for you. Happiness is NOT changing who you are to fit in. Happiness is NOT living up to the ridiculous expectations constantly being shoved in our faces! Happiness is about BEING YOURSELF and being completely and utterly UNAPOLOGETIC about it!
Life isn’t about CHANGING who you are! Life is about EMBRACING yourself in all your glory. Those stretch marks, those too long legs, the cellulite, the bumps, the curves, the ass that won’t round out, the wrinkles that you got from ageing, the little lines on the side of your mouth from a lifetime of smiling, that’s all who you are! Don’t change it just to fit in with the ridiculous standards given to us by the beauty world.

Embrace who you ARE!

Embrace who you are and if you want to, wear make up. But wear it because it makes YOU feel better about yourself not because it hides the parts of you that you hate most. Find clothing that fits your body well! Wear the styles that you know suit you and make you feel comfortable. Don’t just buy clothing because you think it’s “in” and everyone who is anyone is wearing it this season. NO! Just be who you are!

Love Long Length

I recently discovered a brand that I think stands for everything I’m talking about! A brand that saw women struggling with finding clothing that fit long legs properly! Just when I had decided to embrace the “rolled up pants” look I’ve finally got my hands on a pair of jeans that actually fit my legs all the way to the bottom.
I wasn’t paid to write this article but I was sent a pair of jeans to try on for myself. If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I only ever support brands that I truly believe in and this is one of those brands! I would be doing long-legged women across South Africa a dis-service if I didn’t tell them about this brand! Not only are the jeans amazing (they make more than just jeans) but the company was started by a South African woman and that’s something to support!
The heart behind our brand is to help tall ladies feel beautiful in outfits that are flattering and designed specifically for their proportions – at a price they can afford! – Love Long Length
Getting dressed every day is about you, your shape, your style,  your choices, your body! It’s not about fitting in, it’s not about changing or adapting or following the trends! Wear what makes you comfortable and feel like yourself and you are a million times more likely to feel confident!
Wear clothing that fits YOUR body!
Wear clothing that flatters YOUR shape!
Wear clothing that suits YOUR style!
Wear clothing that makes YOU feel Confident!
Don’t ever let anyone else make you feel like you need to change who you are! There are brands out there made to suit you and your shape whatever that may be! Go find what works for you and who you are!
All the love

Photo from Love Long Length Facebook Page

Would you like to pre-order a pair of Skinny jeans?

Due to popular demand, we have planned for a THIRD run of both Indigo Blue & Black options. Please make contact with your nearest distributor to be sure that your name goes on the list.

*Expected delivery date will the 5th June 2017*

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Angela Parsons says:

    You look fantastic in your skinny jeans, Jonelle! I too, loved reading your article and it really rang true to me just how important it is to embrace all the unique aspects of ourselves. Well done!

  2. Kristi says:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST! Putting aside that you look amazing in those jeans, every word in your article is what women need to hear everyday as a reminder of how unrealistic & ridiculous the “beauty” and “size” expectations placed on us are! I am over the moon to be included in such a beautiful article – well done Jonelle!!!

    • Thank you Kristi! I’m so happy you enjoyed the article. I think if we keep telling women it’s okay to be themselves, eventually we will start to believe it about ourselves. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to embrace my “too long legs” and feel good about them! I love your brand and will continue to support women like you who encourage us to feel good about ourselves! xxx

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