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Sheena and I have known each other a long time, we both come from Swaziland and that place is so tiny you know everyone.  It wasn’t till I started blogging that we reconnected and became really good friends. It’s weird how a blog can bring you closer to someone who lives on the other end of the world. She’s an inspirational woman but she often underestimates herself and the things she is capable of. In fact, just getting her to tell this story was a challenge. Not that she didn’t want

Lately, I feel like everywhere I turn there are people putting up with toxic relationships with people who do nothing but bring them down. There are people who actually thrive on bringing others down and causing chaos. You know the type of person, always causing drama and insulting people or acting superior. Everything they think is right and you don’t know anything and every opinion you have is wrong. Those people make you feel bad about yourself just by being around you. Those people are toxic and in a world

Yesterday was the municipal elections day in South Africa. A day when we got to go out and vote for our local representatives. There were ridiculously long queues all over the place, some of them up to 2 hours waiting time. A few people complained about having to wait so long – the day was declared a public holiday so that all South Africans were able to make their way down to the polling stations and make their mark. Honestly, I really don’t see any reason not to stand and wait

I read a quote that said, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and it just resonated with me so strongly at this point in my life. Sometimes, as women we are expected to handle so much of everything. We’ve got to be model wives, brazen career women, role model mothers and still find time for the gym to maintain our perfect body. I’m not saying we can’t do it all but I am saying that it can be extremely exhausting to maintain and draining on us as individuals. Putting

It’s so easy to think we are living a life of our choosing without realising the external pressure that is being put on us. We go through our day-to-day lives thinking that we are doing what is best for us when the reality is, we are so used to hearing what we should be doing and how we should be living that we end up walking someone else’s idea of what our path should look like. Whose expectations are you living up to? It is so easy to think that

My son Oden is ten months old. I have never loved anyone or anything more than I love him. This child of mine is literally a miracle baby! And yet all the time, I’m being asked about a second baby. Something we don’t even want to be reminded about. You see, we were told that we “could not and would never conceive without medical assistance” – we were told that having a baby was just not going to happen without IVF. In fact, we had planned to start IVF treatment in

I love quotes about happiness! Here are ten of my favourite! 1. “When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon 2. “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  – Abraham Lincoln 3. “Nobody really cares

In September 2015, I was in hospital after a traumatic child-birth experience. I’d been in ICU for ten days and I was weak. A lovely nurse walked in, put a tube in my vein and pumped human blood into my arm. I felt a million times better. Getting blood was like being given a new lease on life. Suddenly I could sit up more easily, I could talk and concentrate and the world didn’t seem as blurry. I was given two pints of blood. Blood that had once pumped through

When I was pregnant with my son Oden, I was permanently on a mission to find my baby a beautiful mobile that he could stare up at and be carried away to happy places. Of course his dad had other ideas that included Star Wars characters hanging above my little baby. In the end, neither happened and at the last-minute we bought him a little colourful one with odd-shaped animals on it. He liked it but it wasn’t what I had planned in my head. So when my friend Jane

When Mandy Lee Miller from Pregnant in Cape Town and Tums 2 Tots invited me to a be a part of this campaign, I jumped at the opportunity. Any of my friends who have ever not buckled in their child in front of me will attest to me telling them off about the dangers of it. You hear a lot of excuses like “we were just going down the road” but the truth is, most car accidents happen within 2 kms of your home! Research shows that the most likely cause is that

 Every now and then it’s important to look in the mirror and ask yourself that big question. We all start out with an idea of where we want to end up “some day”, but how many of us take a step back from our adult lives and determine if we’re happy in the lives we have ended up in? More often than expected, the life you have is nothing like the one you imagined as a passionate teenager. We get sidetracked along the way. We end up going on tangents.

A few weeks ago, my doorbell rang. It was my uncle dropping off some things from my grandmother’s house. You see, my grandmother died in January. A few days after my 33rd birthday – while I was lying in hospital. This woman had been like my mother. For ten years of my life she took care of me, she brushed my hair, she dressed me, she made my lunch. She loved me like I was her child. When I turned 13, I packed my bags and moved in with my

Dearest beautiful boy Right now, you’re still figuring out the world. Things are strange to you and everything is new. You want to put everything in your mouth, you want to taste and touch and feel. Your hands are quick to grab and the thrill of everything excites you. I love watching you explore. I love watching you get excited or confused when the cat licks your hand with her rough tongue. I know it feels weird to you and I know you don’t understand everything. I know I try

  As a mom, working from home was at the top of my priority list. It was the number one deciding factor in leaving my full-time job. Of course I wanted to be more independent and live on my own terms but most importantly, I wanted to be at home to watch my son grow up. I wanted to be there for his first words, his first steps and even just to make sure he was eating lunch every day. A lot of women leave their jobs to stay home

These times we’re going through seem a little strange. Everyone and everything is chaos and in turmoil. Just when you think that you see the light at the end of the tunnel, something new happens and you’re thrown into a tailspin. You awake from the stupor, confused and lost. You don’t understand what just happened. Life my dear. Life just happened. Things have been tough around here, then they were worse and then they were better and then worse and better and worse… and I have brain freeze and I

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