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 The Balancing Act They Call Motherhood I’ve been a mom for 7 weeks. That’s if you don’t count the nine months of torture that was pregnancy (read all about how grumpy I was here).  So I don’t claim to be an expert in motherhood or anything but here is what I’ve discovered about keeping sane with a newborn baby. Accept help from who ever is willing to give it! I can’t emphasise the importance of this one. Many new mothers feel that they need to prove something to someone and show

Being a newbie mom Today my baby turns 6 weeks old. We’re taking him to get vaccinated and I’m terrified. I can’t handle the thought of my little guy being in pain. This feeling I suspect is one that won’t go away any time soon. It’s one that as a parent, I will have to get used to. I feel that over and over again I’m going to watch him get hurt and it’s going to break my heart.   You see, already, in this short space of time, I

Have you ever sat through a moment when you look around yourself and you feel lost. You feel like this isn’t your life. This isn’t your experience. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. That’s how I feel now. I sit and I stare off into the distance. Somewhere out there is my life how I had imagined it. In a parallel universe I had an easy birth story, we healed, we came home, we bonded. I didn’t end up in surgery. I didn’t end up in ICU. I didn’t

The 4th of September was just supposed to be another regular day. I woke up, got ready for the day and sat down at my desk to get some work done. At about 2pm, something felt distinctly weird about my tummy. I brushed it off, my baby wasn’t due for another two weeks. I certainly wasn’t prepared for his birth TODAY! A little while longer and I could no longer ignore the pain but this wasn’t what it was supposed to feel like was it? I had been to all

Hello lovelies. Sorry for the silence. Went in on Friday 4th with severe contractions and ended up with three surgeries and now I’m in ICU. Baby is perfect but I’m taking a little more time healing. Will be sharing the whole story and pictures soon as I’m back on my feet. Please be patient if we’re going to be working together on anything Xxx

So it’s finally September! Isn’t it crazy how fast the world has flown by this year or is that just me? I remember just the other day it was my birthday (in January) and I was wondering how to go about announcing to the world about my pregnancy and now I’m in the month in which he will arrive. It has literally been a year of wishing away time. Nothing in the world makes you more impatient than having to wait for the birth of your first child. Three weeks

Last Saturday morning, our alarms went off at 6am. SIX AM! On a bloody Saturday morning! I can’t remember the last time I woke up that early on a Saturday morning. Anyone who knows me would know that I am NOT a fan of mornings. In fact, I have been known to be quite the freaking grump before my coffee. Thank the heavens that in my house, my husband is on permanent coffee duty – although I suspect he does it more out of fear for his own life than the

I had a little moment on Tuesday that I can’t say I’m proud of. Now I know I’ve been open about how grumpy this pregnancy makes me but yesterday was an all time low for me. I totally lost the freaking plot. Hanging my head in shame Do you ever have those moments when you do something and you actually can’t even believe that it’s you who is doing it? Well that was me. I was just minding my own business, scrolling through Facebook (can you mind your own business

She lay her hand on my pregnant belly and I hated myself for thinking what if that’s the last time. I looked at her hand, shaking and covered in wrinkles and I wondered if my son would ever see her smile. I can’t help wondering how little time they have left. I can’t help myself from feeling like the world is about to cheat me. As if them dying is somehow about me. It isn’t. It simply is what it is. Oh to be young and naive When we’re young,

I’ve been pregnant for just over 7 months (the LONGEST 7 months of my life). In that time I’ve discovered a few things about other people, about myself and about my little guy. Some of them good, some of them bad. Some of them funny, some incredible and beautiful and some of them just plain meh…here you go. Form your own opinions… What I’ve discovered during the longest 30 weeks of my life 1. People will stop caring that you are still a person. I can’t remember the last time someone

This nursery has been in the works for months. Pretty much the day I found out I was pregnant my brain started thinking about the baby’s room. I’m not a fan of pastels so typical baby colours were completely out for me. I also wasn’t sure of the baby’s sex at first so that made it even more complicated. Luckily I married a completely rational man who wouldn’t let me start decorating a nursery as early as 6 weeks in. I think as a first time mom, it was just really

Father’s day has been a sad time for me for the longest time. It’s often tough without your father and this time of year is a constant reminder of his absence. This year however is a little different I’ve always known that my husband is the love of my life. I’ve always known how lucky I am to have him but I honestly didn’t know just how much I could love him until I got pregnant. I’m a really independent person and this pregnancy has made me extremely dependent on

All my life I’ve known one thing. One day “when I’m big” I want to have  family of my own. In my visions of my family, we would all sit around the campfire on family trips singing along and being happy. At home, in the evening, we’d sit together and watch our favourite tv show. At bed time, I’d lovingly tuck my kids into bed while reading them stories. When my brothers were little, I’d read them stories at bed time. Playing house. A sign of my happy future. Making the

To my son, Oden Right now, you’ve been in my tummy a little under five months, 18 weeks and 5 days to be exact, but already you are the thing I love most in this world. My life has changed drastically in the last few weeks and I’m not just talking about the morning sickness. When I heard your heart beating for the first time, I cried. I cried with happiness. When I saw you moving for the first time, my heart was filled with joy. We have watched you grow

So this week is my 17th week of being pregnant and I thought it might be nice to write about it a little bit since it pretty much consumes my entire life and yet somehow, I’ve managed to leave it off the blog for the most part. Today I started putting together my baby book for Oden. It’s basically an album/scrap-book and I collected together all the scans and annotated them as well as the journey. It really wasn’t an easy start this pregnancy thing but as time has passed,

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