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Depression It isn’t something people like to talk about. Admitting that you have depression is a sign of weakness and something we are taught not to talk about in public. When someone asks you “how are you?” we are programmed to respond with “fine thanks” even if we aren’t. Why does depression have such a bad reputation? Why have we over the years learned to hide our feelings and instead try to cope on our own? It could happen to anyone When I was a teenager, there were many many

You wake up in the morning and everything is perfectly fine. The day, just like any other is going so perfectly. You think about all the things you have to get done today and you try to arrange a timeline in your mind around how you’re going to fit it in. Never mind, you’re superwoman. You can handle all of those things like a boss. You’ve done it a thousand times before. So you start ticking things off your list, at one point you realise that you’re so engrossed in

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