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Today, my son turns one. This is a HUGE deal to me. A year ago today, I went into labour two weeks earlier than expected (thanks to a burst, undiagnosed appendix) and without knowing it, the course of my life changed in more ways than just becoming a mom. I nearly died. I say these words and they still feel like the words of a stranger. Like, this couldn’t be my story. perhaps I read it somewhere. One of those things that happen to a “friend of a friend” –

It’s a weird thing when you feel like you’re lying at the bottom of a pit of despair and then suddenly out of no where, you get an email telling you that you’re inspirational and deserve this amazing T-shirt just for being awesome. I guess it’s hard to believe nice things about yourself. In fact, even writing this feels like I’m patting myself on the back. I’m not. In these pictures, which were taken MONTHS ago, I was feeling like death. If you look under my eyes you can see

It’s so easy to think we are living a life of our choosing without realising the external pressure that is being put on us. We go through our day-to-day lives thinking that we are doing what is best for us when the reality is, we are so used to hearing what we should be doing and how we should be living that we end up walking someone else’s idea of what our path should look like. Whose expectations are you living up to? It is so easy to think that

These times we’re going through seem a little strange. Everyone and everything is chaos and in turmoil. Just when you think that you see the light at the end of the tunnel, something new happens and you’re thrown into a tailspin. You awake from the stupor, confused and lost. You don’t understand what just happened. Life my dear. Life just happened. Things have been tough around here, then they were worse and then they were better and then worse and better and worse… and I have brain freeze and I

I started this blog two years ago when I decided I’d had enough of working for other people. I up and quit my job and found myself at home with lots of time to spare. My husband and I went on a road trip to celebrate being done with that part of my life and I informally blogged about the trip. When I got home, I decided this was it for me. I’ve always loved writing and it’s the one thing I’ve always relied on to get me through the

  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I love this saying. I don’t know why but after the last five months it feels more true than ever. If you follow my blog, you will know what I’ve been going through. Life has been tough. If you don’t well in a nutshell, I gave birth to my son in September via Emergency C-Section. The days that followed were a nightmare. I suffered numerous complications and nearly died. I don’t think too many people know the meaning of looking death in

2015 was a really hectic year for me. There were so many downs and a really really huge up with the birth of my son but after spending months at the hospital, I was ready to put the year behind me. After all, a new year represents new beginnings and fresh starts and all things wonderful that come with starting a new page in a new book. So on New years eve when my husband insisted that we go to the hospital, I point-blank refused. The pain and discomfort I

We live in a world of instant gratification. Everything is available at our fingertips. So we form opinions on everything from conflict zones, the presidential campaigns of a foreign country, the political economy and what the housewife next door should have for breakfast. Everything is right there before us, isn’t it and we are free to judge as we please. Stop right there. That’s where you’re wrong. Before you decide that you know what’s best for me. Please ask me. Before you decide to label me and call me names.

  I can’t emphasise enough how much my mother means to me. I can’t begin to explain how much my mother does for me. EVERYTHING. She does it all. She hugs me when I’m sad. She pats me on the back when I succeed. She holds my hand when I’m afraid. She helps me heal when I’m injured. She stood by my bedside for a month when I was ill. She has loved me since 1983 and until 2015, I had no idea how much that filled her heart. Not until I became

There are those dark days, we all have them. We think we’re incapable and not good enough. We don’t believe in ourselves, we don’t think that we have what it takes. Then, we put our heads down, put in the hours and get it done! Suddenly, we are incredible and we’ve done exactly what we needed to do! BOOM! We’re the freaking badass that we always knew we could be. It’s not always easy but you’ve got to believe in yourself! I wrote a post recently about that feeling you

    Watch this!! Refusing to Settle! I watched this TED Talk, have I told you how much I love these talks? There’s a talk for EVERYTHING and I can literally spend days watching talk after talk after talk. There are just so many truly inspirational people out there living their lives and being awesome. What really stuck with me though is that I love this talk not because Smiley is some sort of world genius or anything. He didn’t find the cure for Cancer, he didn’t adopt ten babies

I wasn’t the best student in school. In fact, I was pretty damn lazy about it. I once woke up to an actual hiding from my aunt for not studying. In my defence though, it was really boring and I was 12. Anything else in the world was more exciting than the book I was supposed to be learning from. When I got to high school, it was always the same. I’d get my work done immediately after school so that I didn’t have to think about it again. Instead

Success is an interesting word It’s defined by various dictionaries as achieving an aim or purpose. In the real world though, success is often used interchangeably with the achievement of wealth. Hardly anyone thinks about the key to success as being defined by happiness. Personally I think this is where many of our self-esteem problems arise from. We are taught from a young age that we are not wealthy without having made a million by the age of 30. What is it with the pressure to accumulate wealth by age thirty

My nationality has always been important to me. Defined by the country I was born in and the people to whom I was born. I was born Swazi. I was raised in Swaziland. Every time I visited another country people would ask me “where do you come from” and the answer was always so simple. “Born and bred in Swaziland.”  Swaziland The responses varies from confused; “where?” to surprised. “I didn’t know there were white people in Swaziland” to which I’ve grown weary of explaining that I’m not even white

People who pass the blame onto everyone else and people who take responsibility for their lives. Which one are you? It’s so much easier to sit back and say “it’s their fault”, “they did it,” “it wasn’t me.” It’s so much easier to remove yourself from all blame and say “I had nothing to do with it.” These are the people who blame others when things go wrong in their lives. They are the people who say they didn’t pass the test because the teacher didn’t teach them. They are the

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