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That time I nearly died

Recently, I posted several articles about my near death experience. Not your regular birth story There is always something to be thankful forΒ  It’s not an exaggeration, I nearly died. Why? Because I lived my life without ever being diagnosed with Endometriosis. In high school, not a month went by that I didn’t find myself at the school nurse. I wondered to myself, why didn’t other girls suffer like I did every month. Surely having your period didn’t mean that the world had to come to a standstill. When the

When you think of colostomy bags, your mind immediately goes to old people. It’s such a stigmatised thing that no one talks about it and people certainly don’t share the information willingly that they have one. It’s just something that is not spoken of. If you regularly read my blog, you will know I’ve recently had serious surgery. If you don’t know then read these posts; Not your regular birth story There is always something to be thankful forΒ  Well one of the delightful outcomes of my nightmare experience was

Have you ever sat through a moment when you look around yourself and you feel lost. You feel like this isn’t your life. This isn’t your experience. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. That’s how I feel now. I sit and I stare off into the distance. Somewhere out there is my life how I had imagined it. In a parallel universe I had an easy birth story, we healed, we came home, we bonded. I didn’t end up in surgery. I didn’t end up in ICU. I didn’t

The 4th of September was just supposed to be another regular day. I woke up, got ready for the day and sat down at my desk to get some work done. At about 2pm, something felt distinctly weird about my tummy. I brushed it off, my baby wasn’t due for another two weeks. I certainly wasn’t prepared for his birth TODAY! A little while longer and I could no longer ignore the pain but this wasn’t what it was supposed to feel like was it? I had been to all

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