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 To end off the week of “passion” inspiring posts, I thought I’d share some of my favourite quotes about living your best life and truly following your passion. Let me know what you think of these and if any of them speak to you. Quotes that inspire “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” Bishop T.D. Jakes “Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of

Sometimes people will try and break you down because it’s the only way they know how to build themselves up. Those are the kinds of people you need to do your absolute best to get away from. You don’t need everyone in your life who ever walked in.  Some doors you can close when they leave and rest assured knowing it was the right decision. Sometimes it’s a friend who made everything about them even when it really should have been about you. Sometimes it’s a romantic partner who couldn’t

The Sunscreen Song

Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) Oh how I love the Sunscreen song   This post is a little strange for me, it’s not what I normally post but I realise that not everyone knows the sunscreen song and it has had such an impact on me over the course of my life. The words are so relevant to whatever you’re going through and it’s just really good advice. I often look at photos of myself when I was a teenager and wonder what I was so worried about.

“You know those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.” There are so many things that we could do to give our lives more meaning. So many of us just spend our days between work and home and we don’t really make the most of our lives. As a result, we have no energy and don’t feel like we’re really living and reaching our full potential. One way to ensure that we beat the boredom and make the most of our lives is to create a

 “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.” Jon Bon Jovi Find your passion and you find your purpose,  was about living your life in a way that is true to your passion but we might not always know what our passions are. Until recently, my passion had nothing to do with blogging, or at least I had no idea that it did. Our passions make us who we are and it’s important that we identify what they are even if we

I’ve often asked myself if my life could be more passionate. In general, I’m an extremely passionate person and tend to be quite emotional about the things I believe in. When it comes to my career path however, I find that with so much of what I’ve done in the past, I’ve felt unfulfilled. I am a completely creative person but creativity isn’t really a career is it? (Or at least that’s what I’ve always been told). So instead, I’ve spent my life searching for something to do with myself career-wise

“The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.” Charles Schwab I’ve been blogging for a little under two months now. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by already. When I started blogging my blog was called Losing it and Letting go, it was started on a whim while I was on road trip with my husband.  That blog was just a way to track our journey and the emotions I was experiencing since quitting my full-time job. Losing it and letting

This post is one that has been quite challenging for me to write. How do you begin to talk about love as if you have all the answers. I certainly don’t pretend to. All I know about love, I have learnt in my own journey to be loved and to love to the best of my ability. It took me a long time to come to the realisation that in order to be loved, you have to first love yourself. I don’t mean in the arrogant way where you get

I love books When anyone says print media is dying, my heart dies a little too. Of course, as any die-hard book lover would tell you, there is no way that online books will replace the real deal. Is there? There isn’t any feeling quite like turning the pages of a book, or trying to find a comfortable position to lie in while you spend all day devouring the pages of a good old-fashioned book. Over the course of my lifetime I have read too many books to count. Occasionally

  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m not out-of-place in the kitchen. I’m pretty good at throwing a few random ingredients together and producing something that some might even call tasty. Even more, I love entertaining and feeding the people I love. The buck stops at baking though. I just don’t have the discipline required for measuring out the exact amounts necessary for baking. So when I came across this recipe, the pictures looked INCREDIBLE and I just thought, I have to do that. It’s not like I

Life doesn’t always go the way we hope it to and often, when we take a knock so does our confidence. Things going wrong can leave us feeling despondent and quite honestly lacking in confidence in ourselves. It takes a long time to realise that failing once doesn’t make us a failure even though most of us have been conditioned to not allow ourselves the option of failure and as a result end up being really hard on ourselves when we do fail. Sometimes when we fall down, we need a little

As we head with the speed of light towards the biggest loved up day of the year it makes me wonder about the depths of love. I’ve never been a fan of Valentines day, ever since my first boyfriend at age 13 asked a friend what to get me for Valentines day and in the end all I got was a boring slab of chocolate. Okay so I was obviously let down by my expectation, knowing he had sought advice on what I would love and then the expectation just

How naive we are when we are young. How we take the world for granted at the exact moment when there is so much to soak up. We lie around in our bubbles of infatuation. Closed off from all the things that really matter. We think we are wiser, that we know more than anyone else. I look back on my life; on the pain I might have been spared, the suffering I would not have endured, If only I had listened to my mother. Each time she said, trust me and I thought I knew

I had planned to write about something else today, but life has a funny way of creeping up on you and completely changing everything. I was recently added on Facebook by a man I don’t know personally but who is a friend of a friend. It always starts like that doesn’t it. Anyhow I accepted his request on account of our mutual friend being someone whose opinion I value and respect. Today my “new friend” posted something racist and stereotypical and when called on his bigoted opinion he updated his

So I was thinking about the things I do and the places I go to when I’m having a lousy day and what helps me to get out of the funk.  Over the course of my lifetime this has meant different things some of them are too ridiculous to help anyone on an average day but others you might find useful if you ever find yourself stuck in a rut and need some sort of inspiration.    Travel. See I warned you that this might be a bit ridiculous. There

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