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So you want to start a creative business but you don’t know where to start? 

Cool – I can help! 

We will work together over email and Skype and formulate the perfect outline for how to launch your new creative business or blog! I will help you figure out all the nitty-gritty details of your business or blog and help you to make the most of your passions and skills! 

Jonelle du Pont | Tyranny of Pink

Planning for your creative business happens in three steps! 

Step One:

Understanding my creative business / blog

I send you a form that helps you to figure out what makes your business unique, what makes you special, what your goals are and other important things to know before you start! This helps me to understand the direction of your business and it helps you streamline your thoughts and processes. Once you send the form back to me, I spend some time analysing things and then I work out a plan… which brings us to step two!

Step Two:

Planning and strategy for my creative business / blog

This is the part where all the things you figured out and told me about in step one are put into a nice little plan with goals to crush and everything you need to stop you freaking out and get you started on the right track. During this phase, I plan the hell out of things and you work on your content in the background so that it’s ready for going live by launch date.
Once you have this simple plan in your hands we move on to the fun part. Getting started!

 Step Three:

Setting up / launching / getting started (AKA eek, stuff is about to get real)

During this step, we do all the fun stuff. Using the plan that we’ve developed during stage two, we work at getting your business launched. We set up relevant social media accounts, work on fine tuning your website content and services. Once everything is all set up, we work on your marketing plan and determine a course of action for reaching your clients and making a lasting impression.

Send an email to and let’s get started!

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