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I haven’t been very good at writing the last while! I think it’s just this weird phase of my life that I’m in. Kinda transition phase… We are still mostly just waiting! Although there has been one step of progress: Gerard got his visa!! YAY But Oden and I are still waiting with no news… In the meantime, we’ve done a few other things and set other plans into motion.  We still have nowhere to live when we get there We don’t have flights booked yet – because we have

I got married in December 2012 to the absolute love of my life and best person in the world (want some toast with that cheese?) and we immediately got on a plane and flew off into the sunset. We are both fans of exploring and staying in less known places where locals are more likely to go than tourists but for our honeymoon, we agreed, the criteria was simple. We wanted an all-inclusive, full service, don’t have to carry your wallet around anywhere kind of place and it was the

I think sometimes we take for granted that we only have a short time on this earth. Some of us, if we’re lucky will live to experience more of the world than others. Most likely, even then, we will take for granted what that means. Not everyone gets to leave the country they were born in, to fly to faraway places and experience the things that those lands have to offer. Some of us, might even find that those places appeal to us more than the land in which we were

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