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Life is exhausting. Honestly it is. It’s one of those things that you can’t avoid, because you know, it’s life. It just is what it is but sometimes, what it is, is freaking hard and leaves you exhausted. Right now, for me, the cause of my exhaustion is my son who had been sick for last few days. My mama heart breaks seeing him struggling and listening to his laboured breathing. We sit up with him in the night and rush off to the doctor when it seems like things

On Tuesday, I posted an article about being honest with others and I felt like I needed to take this concept of honesty a little further. Too often, we hold our tongues out of fear of offending someone or everyone. We are too fearful to stand up for what we believe in because lets face facts, there are repercussions for having strong opinions and most people just want to be liked. The things people say I’ve been told MANY times that I’m “brave” for the things I say. Often people

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