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When I was growing up, I wasn’t sure if I wanted children. If you asked me, I’d have said “mmm we will see what happens.” I’ve never been overly into kids in the way that some people are. I never thought I’d be good at being a mother either. I was never a natural with children. Just usually quite awkward. Occasionally people would ask me if I want to have children and I’d say “I don’t think so” and they’d say “you’ll change your mind” and “your maternal instinct will

One of the hardest things about being a new parent is figuring out the balance. You want to do everything perfectly but you also can’t let yourself go insane. I KNOW you know what I’m talking about. As a mom to be, I set out making sure everything was just perfect in anticipation of my son’s arrival. His room was ready months in advance and I had read as much parenting material as I could. I knew exactly the kind of mother I was going to be. I knew exactly

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