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I’ve heard it said about a million times before, to me, to others to the world in general. Oh you’ll regret them when you’re older… It’s tiresome, it’s boring and it’s not really helpful in any way. I often want to say not as much as you’ll regret being an asshole but the truth is, that assholes very rarely realise that they are being assholes anyway. And yes, you’re being an asshole if you say this to people with tattoos – because people with tattoos don’t care what you have

There are so many things that happen to us in our lifetime.Β Things that teach lessons and things that pass by unnoticed. Over the course of time, we start to see patterns. Things we like, things we dislike, things we repeat over and over again constantly banging our heads on the wall and sometimes, things we try once and know for certain that it just isn’t the right fit. In my case, that was ballet. I begged for weeks to try ballet and eventually my mother gave in. I attended one

This is a story about the time my life was flipped completely upside down by a movie but starting at the end seems silly, so let me start where good writers start, at the beginning. When I was an undergrad student, I was 19 and alone in a new country for the first time. I had an awesome life. I stayed out late partying, had tonnes of friends, put in the bare minimum for my education and passed all my classes anyway. I loved my life. My favourite club was

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