The Empowered Woman Programme

The Empowered Woman Programme | Tyranny of Pink

Jonelle du Pont (MSocSc)

I provide guidance and support for women who feel overwhelmed by self-doubt and a lack of confidence in their own abilities. My aim is to help you create strategies to develop a vision, determine your values, and outline goals to embrace your authentic and empowered life.

The Empowered Woman Programme

The Empowered Woman Programme is based on over a decade of working in various communities with women and youth, using theory learned and practiced during my experience as a Social Development Practitioner.

The programme helps women envision the options and possibilities available to them and provides the tools and strategies to create a step by step approach to achieving goals.

Focus Areas

The three module programme focuses on encouraging women to look internally for the tools with which they can control their own lives. Rather than dictate, the process gives women the power to determine what they are capable of and helps them develop the plans and systems or strategies to best achieve their goals.

Authentic Living Helps you to determine what your values are and what’s important to you so that you can begin to act with intention on a day-to-day basis. Once your values have been set, we focus on identifying talents and strengths and consider how to best use existing skills to create or embrace opportunities.

Fearless SelfDetermine and identify the blocks that are holding you back and preventing you from taking action so that we can work towards overcoming them.

Intentional Life –  During this module, we will set goals and create a strategy to actualise your goals in line with the intentions and values that we set in module one. Finally, we set a realistic time frame to achieve your desired outcomes.

During the programme, I will help you set goals and actually develop a realistic strategy to achieve them without letting them overwhelm you. I will also help you eliminate and acknowledge the fear that has been holding you back and preventing you from taking action and living your intentional and authentic life.

The Empowered Woman Programme | Tyranny of Pink

Each module is tacked during a 45 minute Skype session over the course of 3 weeks.

Payment is required via PayPal prior to consultation and a minimum charge of one hour applies to all consultations. Payments made are not refundable and must be used within three months!

Total Cost for 3 Skype Sessions –  $250 |  R2000

Get in touch if you’d like to work with me!

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