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Hi, I’m Jonelle, an Empowerment Strategist, Content Manager and Consultant with a Master’s degree in Social Development and a passion for helping individuals to design and embrace their intentional life. I provide guidance, advice, strategies and content creation for anyone who is ready to embrace their authentic life and make the most of their business.


Personal Coaching

I believe that you as an individual have agency and are capable of making decisions that are best for you but sometimes, it’s nice to get a little guidance and to talk things through with an impartial person.

That’s where I come in!

In a no judgement space, I will listen and reflect with you on the decisions that you need to make. I will provide guidance and help you to figure out that problem that you can’t find a solution to on your own.  What I will not do is tell you what you should do or make your decisions for you.

My approach is about embracing your own unique skills and deep understanding of yourself and what matters to you and using those tools to come to the right decision for your life.

I’m happy to help you with any topic you like but these are some areas that I’ve helped others in

  • Figure out your next move
  • Analyse your resume or cover letter
  • Help you prepare for an interview
  • Figure out a way for you to work from home
  • Deciding what to study or if University is for you
  • Figuring out how to use your skills as a consultant or entrepreneur

Skype Sessions – Starting from $100 |  R800 /Hour

Blog Coaching for Beginner Bloggers

When people hear I’m a blogger, the first thing they ask me is “what do you write about?” followed closely by “how do you make money blogging.” To be perfectly honest, the thing I struggled with the most when i first started blogging was this exact issue. I had NO idea how to make money. I had no idea what a niche was or how I could find my own. I spent the first year googling every single thing I needed to know and boy is there a lot of information on google.

I’ve learnt so much since then and I can say for certain that it’s a lot easier to have someone to help you get through the first few months and to give you a nudge in the right direction.

I can help you in various blog related areas:

  • Identify your niche
  • Understand your categories / tags / audience
  • What a blog post entails
  • Create or work with you on your about me page
  • How to promote your content
  • Figure out a way to monetise your blog
  • Advise you on creating a media kit and rate card to send to brands
  • I can also help assess your website and provide you with 3 – 4 actionable suggestions to improve it and make it stand out.
  • I can also help edit your posts for you and tell you how you could improve your writing.

Hourly Rate –  Starting from $45 | R350

Content Writing and Strategy Services

I write and edit content for small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers that helps to sell your services and ideas!

If you’re a new business owner or you’re just starting out your website and you’re not sure about how to get your message across, I can help!

  • Please contact me for project specific rates email:

Jonelle | Tyranny of Pink

To get more information or to schedule an appointment contact me HERE or email me
directly at!

All services payable via PayPal prior to sessions with 50% deposit required for content development! 

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