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So you want to create a blog but you have no idea how to go about doing that? You’ve heard that you should but you don’t know where to start! Don’t worry, I’ve been where you are. I get how you feel. I know what you’re going through. 

When people hear I’m a blogger, the first thing they ask me is “what do you write about?” followed closely by “how do you make money blogging?”

To be perfectly honest, the thing I struggled with the most when I first started blogging was this exact issue.

I had NO idea how to make money and I had no idea what a niche was or how I could find my own.

I spent the first year googling every single thing I needed to know and boy is there a lot of information on google.

I’ve learnt so much since then and I can say for certain that it’s a lot easier to have someone to help you get through the first few months and to give you a nudge in the right direction.

One thing I can say I know for sure, is that the success of your blog is in your hands. If you set goals for yourself, plan properly, you’re dedicated and you write great content, your blog will attract the right audience. In order to do that, you need to be authentic and intentional about the message you put out into the world. I can help you learn how to write a blog post that makes you happy and then do that over and over again bringing traffic and business to your site. 

I can help you in various blog related areas:

  • Identify your niche
  • Help you determine what to write about
  • Help you learn how to create a blog post that reflects your personality
  • Understand your categories / tags / audience
  • Define your blogging voice
  • Help you understand what a blog post entails
  • Identify what types of images to use
  • Create or work with you on your about me page
  • Help you develop a content plan
  • How to promote your content
  • Figure out a way to monetise your blog
  • Advise you on creating a media kit and rate card to send to brands
  • I can also help assess your website and provide you with 3 – 4 actionable suggestions to improve it and make it stand out
  • I can also help edit your posts for you and coach you on improving your writing skills

We can discuss as many topics as you like or go into detail and get specific! Before we Skype, I’ll get you to fill in a short questionnaire with your information and the areas you’d like to focus on and we can create a plan specific for you and your blogging success!

Payment is required via PayPal prior to consultation and a minimum charge of one hour applies to all consultations. Payments made are not refundable and must be used within three months!

Rate –  Starting from $45  | R350 Per hour

If you need help with setting up the actual blog, here’s an article I wrote about starting a blog to get you started! 

Email me at to discuss your needs or contact me directly below!

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