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I’m a story-teller, I write and edit content for small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers that helps to sell your services and ideas!

If you’re a new business owner or you’re just starting out your website and you’re not sure about how to get your message across, I can help!

My articles are SEO optimised and targeted using specific keywords that aim to reach the right audience.

  • Create content for your website

If your business is just starting out and you know that you need to have a blog on your website to draw customers in, but the thought of writing anything sends you running, that’s where I come in.

  • Create content strategies for your business

I can create a strategy for the type of content your website needs and I can deliver the finalised article targeted to your specific niche. Ensuring that eyes find your site and see your product.

  • Create the plan and the content that goes with it for your website

I can create a content plan and the content that goes with it or just the part that you don’t want to do yourself or don’t feel confident doing!

  • Editing of existing content and website copy

If you’ve got a website but you know it can be improved or you hate your About me page, I can rewrite that for you! I can write about you from an outsiders perspective, highlighting your most valuable attributes without making you feel like you’re tooting your own horn. Sometimes, it’s just easier to see the value we bring through someone else’s eyes.

I can also just edit or reword what you’ve already written and bring it up to date and more suited for your website and style.

Jonelle | Tyranny of Pink

I love to write! It’s what I do and it’s what I’m passionate about!

With my academic background, my love of reading and my experience online running my own websites, I know how to write content that appeals to various audiences.

Whatever your content and strategy creation needs are, I’ve got you covered! 

Please contact me for project specific rates and to discuss availability.








The Fine Print

  • Standard blog posts are between 500 and 800 words and can take many formats, styles, and tones.
  • There is a 5 – 7 days turn around period.
  • If your project is urgent and requires changing my priorities and work flow, an additional 25% will be added to the project fee.
  • Working nights and weekends will incur an additional 50% fee of the total project cost.
  • All topics require a content brief with key points that must be included unless it’s a topic that I can research in which case an hourly rate applies for time spent researching.
  •  An upfront deposit of 50% of the quoted rate is required prior to all work.
  • I will not write about anything that is not in line with my ethics!


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