You can’t fail

You can't fail! - Tyranny of Pink

You’re raised to push yourself. Always harder than the last time. Failure is not an option. It’s either win or nothing, we don’t lose. Yeah it’s a tough road when you grow up being taught that you’re not allowed to fail. Isn’t that how most of us are raised? You’re not allowed to make mistakes. You have to watch every move you make, you have to win win win. Always win. In the end, you don’t even try the things you know you wont succeed at because there is no room for failing.

So you go through life, taking the easy roads, pushing no real boundaries. You become really good at winning. Is there ever really a win when you take no risks. You jump out of planes, you live filled with adrenalin because it makes you feel alive. The easy road has no challenges. You can’t fail.

You get on planes and travel to everywhere, anywhere but here, hoping to find meaning in who you are, hoping to find some sort of lost dream hidden away somewhere, but there’s nothing out there. You never find it because the truth has been in you all along. In order to truly be good at something, be great at life, you have to fail at something, you have to get back up, dust yourself off and keep on going. Don’t be afraid of taking chances, don’t be afraid of finding more. It’s there and you’re capable. You just have to stop being afraid.


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    19th February 2015

    […] of life and how we can get there without feeling like a failure. I know I’ve said this before in this post but in case you didn’t read it or didn’t believe it, there is nothing wrong with failing […]

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