Why I don’t celebrate Women’s Day

I was asked this weekend why I didn’t post about International Women’s Day. I’m really passionate about human rights it’s true but I honestly detest “Women’s Day.”

You see, I don’t agree with modern-day Women’s Day and I certainly don’t want there to be a need to celebrate women once a year. I think that if women were equal to men, there would be no need to once a year have a day in honour of women. A day that seems void of meaning in the life of most.

If I’m honest, I know that we so desperately need to be reminded of the value of women. We so desperately need a reason to get up and celebrate women. We so desperately need to fight for the rights that women should have. The truth though, the sad reality is that we don’t. Every day should be that.

How should we honour women? We honour them by treating them as we do men, as human beings not as lesser beings. We honour them by giving them the rights they deserve. The right to make decisions, the right to equal pay, the right to have choices, the right to education, the right to inherit land, the right not to be raped, the right to not be sold to our husbands for a few cows.

We as women need to concentrate on a life of equality, not a day “in celebration of women” that doesn’t mean much more than a status update.

Simone de Beauvoir  said “I cannot be fair about books that treat women as women. My idea is that all of us, men as well as women, whoever we are, should be considered as human beings. “If I had to summarise my own feminism, it would boil down to this: women are the same thing as people. That’s it. They aren’t a weird, incomprehensible sub-group, they’re just people. This is why Freud’s ponderings on what women might want have always annoyed me: women don’t all want the same thing any more than men do. Why on earth would we? We’re not members of some bizarre cult, we’re just people. So we tend to want the same thing as some other people would want.

– Natalie Haynes for The Independent;

The truth about things

Honestly, that’s what being a woman should mean; being a person, in my opinion. We should be treated no less than anyone else.

There is no International Men’s Day because EVERY day is men’s day. Men wake up and go to jobs where they are paid more, respected more, treated better. They are not sold off in human traffic rings and they are not traded like a commodity. Men don’t need a day to honour them because they get that respect every single day.

I see myself as a feminist. In spite of growing up in an extremely patriarchal society, I have managed to have the kind of life where I am respected as a person in my home and in my life. My husband treats me as an equal and in our home all duties are shared.

You see, being a woman to me, means constantly fighting battles to be equal, I just don’t think that enough women realise what the purpose is behind the hashtag. I don’t think enough men care. I don’t think women will be equal, until the day we no longer need to celebrate that one day a year, given to women.

Too many have lost all understanding of the idea behind Women’s Day. Too many don’t see the point.

We are a long way away from no longer needing a day to honour and celebrate women but it’s important to remember that Women’s Day is not just #InternationalWomensDay.



  • Shelley
    9th August 2017

    I understand your thinking and mine is somewhat similar. Equal pay would be a great start. Respecting that no means no.

    This is a great and necessary post. Thanks, Jonelle.

    • TyrannyofPink
      9th August 2017

      Thanks Shelley! I really struggle with the businesses taking advantage of women on this day offering “great deals” when really it’s just a clever marketing tactic being used. I would really like equal pay and as you say, being taken at my word!!

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    26th April 2016

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  • kikimudenda
    10th March 2015

    This is a brilliant blog Jonelle. I love your perspective and totally agree with you. Abolish Women’s day! The only point I think you could also have touched on is why all this so called honour is give to women because they give birth. Maybe an idea for your next blog 😉 Thanks a lot. I actually called my boyfriend and read the blog out to him and he agreed too.

    • TyrannyofPink
      10th March 2015

      Thank you so much Kiki. I’m glad you appreciate the sentiment. I think so many people are so caught up with the razz ma tazz (like valentines day) that they forget the point of feminism in the first place!! Also, I love hearing that men enjoy my blog… I’ve only got 24% male readers 😛

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