The permanent state of learning

Some days, I feel dead inside. I don’t feel inspired, I don’t feel like writing.

I cruise the internet looking for some sort of inspiration but I end up lost in discussions about race and being female. I somehow always seem to get sucked into these types of talks.

Heated discussions seem to fuel my soul.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than a conversation with really smart people who have the power to make me open my eyes and see things from a different perspective.

I love being proven wrong about a topic that I thought I was certain about, by someone who is clearly smarter than I am (and there are many who are). I love views so backed up by logic and sense and facts that they are indisputable. I love being heard. I love it when my opinions are heard by someone who thinks, wow, I just learnt something from her. I hope that sometimes people feel that way about the things I write.

I don’t know everything.

In fact, I don’t know many many many things but I love to learn. I love to discuss and to broaden my mind. Nothing makes me happier than a good conversation. I love the power of education.

I hope I never stop learning.

I hope I never stop being inquisitive and listening for answers and reading up on things. I get made fun of all the time, some of my friends even call me “googles” because I google everything. I love to know the truth, the story behind things, the reasons, the causes… I love to learn.

Just please, don’t talk to me about the damn cricket.


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