The List -10 Reasons I’m a dog person

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love dogs. Not just my dogs but dogs in general. At a friend’s house, I’d be that person lying on the floor playing with a dog rather than making small talk with other guests. I’m a dog person. I always have been. I think either you are or you aren’t. I am.

When I was about 7 I was given a puppy by my father. At the time the TV show Lassie was a big deal so of course, my puppy was named Lassie. Hey don’t judge me, I didn’t know any better back then. Lassie was this little black puppy. She was a mixed breed dog and had nothing really special about her except for the fact that she was mine. She was the first best friend I ever had. When I had a crappy day, you could be sure to find me crying over my problems with Lassie. She always listened and she never judged me. I guess she set me up for a life time of being besties with dogs. Dogs have the potential to fill your heart with so much love and happiness.

my beautiful boy

Nothing has changed. I will always be a dog person and here are the reasons why I love Jessie and Jax more than I do most people;

  1. My dogs are always happy to see me. No matter how long I’ve been gone (I could literally have been in the garage getting something out the car) they behave like me arriving home is the best thing that has ever happened.
  2. My dogs are like cuddly teddy bears. When I’ve had a rough day, they are always so willing to give me loving hugs and make me feel so loved and special.
  3. They know me better than anyone. If I’m sad, they will panic and want to make me feel better. They will jump all over me and give me slobbery kisses all over my arms because I need to know that they are here and so everything is fine.
  4. They have the best intentions. They destroy my house, my cushions and my rugs. I can’t leave shoes lying around because that makes them fair game but they don’t mean to be mean. Nothing they do is ever done maliciously. They don’t know how to be nasty.
  5. They hardly ask for anything but they give you so much in return. No matter what you do wrong they love you. Sometimes I lose my temper and I shout when one of my cushions have been destroyed but they wait patiently (in the corner) until mommy is done being loud and come straight back for more love and usually to make me feel better.
  6. They are loyal and love me no matter what. No matter what I do, say or feel, I know that my dogs will always love me without judgement.
  7. They look after and protect me. They stand guard at the gate and watch for any suspicious behaviour. At the first sign of danger they are sure to let me know. Sometimes danger comes in the form of a little old lady walking by with her poodle but hey, you never know what form danger could come in. Better safe than sorry right?
  8. They have the most ridiculously cute begging faces or apology faces and nothing in the world can compare to that level of cuteness. I mean, yes you did just destroy my extremely expensive bra but in your defence it really shouldn’t have been lying in that washing basket and you are looking at me with those eyes. Okay, fine, forgiven.
  9. They make really good Hoovers. Even though EVERYONE knows they are not allowed to eat human food they are ever so keen to help mommy or daddy clean up when we accidentally drop that food on the floor.
  10. They make excellent babysitters. There is nothing like knowing your friends kids are well entertained and the adults can happily drink wine and enjoy a good chat while the dogs take care of kids and boredom. No chance of sad faces who want to go home when there are cute dogs to make do tricks and play tug of war with.


I will always love dogs. I’ve had dogs around me from as far back as I can remember and there is simply no substitute for the love of a dog who asks for so little and is completely devoted to you. When the bedroom door is opened in the morning and everyone (including the cats) rushes in to say good morning and Jessie jumps up on the bed for our regular morning cuddle before coffee arrives, it’s in that moment that I know that life is great.

No matter how sad I feel, having them look at me like they DESPERATELY need me to brush them or “hold this paw immediately,” even if I haven’t asked for it, reminds me of how lucky I am in the world. To be loved so completely is a special kind of gift and not everyone is a dog person, so not everyone gets it.

The world would be a better place if more people loved dogs.

Jonelle | Tyranny of Pink


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