Just accept it

How many times has someone said

 “You look beautiful today”

and you’ve responded with

 “oh no, I look so fat”

We put ourselves down when we should be picking ourselves up.

We should be agreeing with the compliments. We should be owning them. Instead, we should be saying, “thank you, I feel great” or “thank you, that’s lovely to hear” We don’t need to reflect things back on others, we don’t need to apologise for looking good, for doing something well, for achieving something great. We need to stand proud, we need to be proud. Be proud of who we are, of the things we have achieved. We may not be perfect, there is always going to be someone prettier, richer, smarter… but there will never be another you.

I’d rather be the best version of myself than a second-rate version of someone else.

We need to embrace being an individual. Embrace our achievements. Be proud of ourselves because life is a battle and every day, someone loses the fight but today, that someone isn’t you. Today, you have probably done things that someone else could never do. Today, you’re reading this post, think of how many people in the world can’t do a simple thing like read, but you have that power. You have the power to read, to write, to achieve your goals. Today, you have the power to be brave. To accept those compliments because you deserve them. Today, I want you to accept all praise. Accept all compliments. When someone says well done, say “THANK YOU” don’t try to convince them why you didn’t do the best possible job or how you could have done better. Just say, thank you! to every compliment you hear today. Say thank you and believe it because you deserve it.

Today, you’re going to just accept the compliment. 

Just say “THANK YOU!”



  • Pinkie Prim
    6th April 2015

    I completely agree, whenever somebody gives me a compliment I just smile and say ‘thank you’ and ignore the negatives! xx


    • TyrannyofPink
      Pinkie Prim
      6th April 2015

      Hi PInkie, I’m the same now but I wasn’t always.
      It’s also quite awkward to pay someone a compliment and have them bat it back at you.

      You’ve just got to believe in yourself and ignore those negatives!


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