Cell-Hell and other things to be grateful for

So, farewell to the most awful Monday I’ve had in a long time. Thankfully that’s over and I never have to experience that day again.

I had this lovely post about weddings planned for you but then real life happens and suddenly I’m at the mall for 5 hours running around trying to upgrade my cell phone. Ugh!!

My iPhone has been giving me issues for a few months now. The battery lasts about half an hour, I have to charge my phone EVERYWHERE I go and literally have a charger in my handbag at all times. Last night, I decided, since I’m due an upgrade, perhaps I should just pop in and get it done.

WELL!! There is no such thing as “pop in” when it comes to getting a phone upgrade from an iPhone. Turns out you have to get a sim card adapter in order to fit the nano sized sim into the Samsung phone. Well, turns out, it is almost impossible to get one of those things. After walking around the mall and trying a total of 6 different stores, we finally found one. Oh what a relief!

Wait, what? My sim card is damaged and doesn’t even FIT in one of those things? Oh I’m so glad you told me that AFTER already buying the damn thing… and off we went… to get lunch.

Yes, that’s how long a day it was that we needed to replenish our souls before being able to walk back to the store I got my upgrade from in the damn first place.

So we order lunch, no they don’t have the special available which is being advertised on the only special board put out today but that’s fine… we will get something else but first, a berry juice please.

And our juice arrives with an expired date on it. Not like a little expired, but a whole lot of fizzyness kinda expired too…. oh joy! This day just keeps getting better. The good news is that when our lunch arrived, it was pretty tasty and the manager was very apologetic about the expired juice which is always nice.

After lunch we went and just got the sim swap done, instead of getting the adaptor. That was fairly painless and happened without any glitches. Wish I had just done that in the first place.

It was a lonnnnggggggg and awful day. At one point I exclaimed, “ugh this is the worst day ever” and my very level-headed mother ever so nicely reminded me that actually no, it really wasn’t. It’s always useful to have someone put things into perspective for you because no, this was certainly not the worst day of my life and in fact there have been hundreds of days that are worse than a day running around trying to sort my phone out.

So to end of, here is a quick list of things I’m grateful for that this day made me think of.

  1. That my upgrade was ready and waiting for me when my phone decided to pack up.
  2. That I can afford to have a really nice phone in the first place.
  3. That I have sight and the ability to use my phone. How many people don’t have the hands or fingers required to type out a text message.
  4. That a day like today could feel like the worst day, I guess this really means the rest of my life must be pretty awesome right now.
  5. That a day like today ends with me in my warm and rather lovely house with my new phone and a warm cup of tea and dinner cooked by my husband. There are so many people who haven’t got anything close to the life I’ve got.

The biggest lesson I learnt today, be grateful for the days like today that feel like the worst day ever… if this is your worst day, you really have a good life.

Ps, turns out I’m a Samsung girl after all 😛

you had a bad day



  • Jolene
    14th April 2015

    I giggled throughout this post! Sorry!!! Your bad day did make me giggle!!! Only cause I have felt the same way on countless occasion and probably would have totally felt the same way…but, without the moment of realisation “That a day like today could feel like the worst day, I guess this really means the rest of my life must be pretty awesome”. Thanks for the reminder!

    • TyrannyofPink
      14th April 2015

      You know I enjoyed writing this post because I laughed at how silly it was too…. but it really did make me realise how often we assign so much meaning to something so insignificant.

  • paul
    14th April 2015

    Good choice !!!

    • TyrannyofPink
      14th April 2015

      Hahaha I suppose!

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