The List – 10 Things that remind me of childhood

Childhood is the best time ever.

No worries, no stress. It’s practically what the Hakuna Matata the Lion King song was written about.

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It’s our problem free philosophy, Hakuna Matata

It’s all happy days and sunshine and every now and then you have to do a little bit of homework and that’s not even complicated. It’s all colouring and shit like that. Oh those wee ones don’t even know how good they have it till they’re paying taxes and filling up the tank of their cars and suddenly… reality hits.

Looking back

Yup, every now and then I think back to childhood and remember just how awesome it was. Sometimes, something happens and it forces me to go back to my happy place… ahhh memories of the good old days.

Here’s a list of what takes me back…

  1. Snackwich sandwiches – filled with melted cheese and tomatoes too hot to eat right away… just like my gran used to make them.
  2. Christmas – because nothing takes you back to childhood like childhood traditions on Christmas day! Waking up on Christmas morning, opening presents and eating so much food at lunch time that you don’t have the energy to do much else.
  3. Leo Sayer – a road trip was not complete without this being played at some point and my cousin and I singing our lungs out along. We butchered it good and proper. Oh Leo….
  4. Hot Springs – we used to go with my aunt to the hot springs… and play to our hearts content in the hot swimming pools.
  5. Sunday Lunch with the family – even now, when I make Sunday lunch, I get told I’m “the new granny” because everyone remembers fondly those days.
  6. The Kruger Park  – We often went on family holidays to the Kruger. Not too many people can say they’ve been in a car chased by elephants TWICE in their life. Once, with my grandpa driving and as he screeched off into the distance I shouted “go back grandpa, go back!!” Hehehe thank goodness he didn’t think it was quite as fun.
  7. Horse riding – I’ve been riding all my life but not quite so much since coming to live in Cape Town. Whenever I get on a horse now it makes me think of the beautiful outrides I’ve been on at home (in Swaziland).
  8. Motor Bikes – Every Sunday, my dad would hop on his bike and head off into the sunset. This was a typical family thing.. my brothers following in his footsteps and my mom’s brother too! Seeing bikes now reminds me of revving that used to wake me up on Saturday mornings. I would wake up to a house full of guys about to head off on a day trip.
  9. Fishing – I don’t do it much anymore but it always reminds me of fishing trips with my dad when he would sit for hours on the side of the river or on the beach and not catch anything. No, my dad was never a great fisherman but he sure loved it.
  10. Formula One – Sundays spent with my mom’s parents always ended with the family watching the Formula one. Still now, when I watch it, I think back to those days and how much I loved watching the cars zoom around the track for hours.

[bctt tweet=”Oh childhood. What I would give to have a second chance and live it over again.”]

Farms, fishing, horses, trips to the beach, Barbies, cousins, laughter and so much love. It was such a lovely time. <3

10 things that remind me of childhood

My dad fishing

My dad fishing

joni and horses

With my Horse Silver

With my uncle


What reminds you of your childhood?




  • raquel
    29th April 2015

    Just lovely memories to look back on….xxx

    • TyrannyofPink
      29th April 2015

      No childhood beats a childhood in Swaziland in the good old days 💓

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