The forgotten letters

Do you remember those days of being young and writing letters? Exchanging them in the hallways? Okay, that was a really long time ago wasn’t it? Guess I’m just nostalgic about the world.

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The letter exchange

I once had a crush on a boy who went to a different school than I did. I suppose he had a crush on me too because although I can’t even remember how it started, there was an entire year when we exchanged letters. His bus to school would pass through my town on Sunday afternoons. Every Sunday was the same thing. I’d go meet him at the bus stop when the bus stopped to pick up the kids from my town. He’d give me his letter, I’d give him mine. For a week – I’d read and reread that letter. Over and over again analysing every word he said for secret clues about how much he felt. Every week – without fail – there was another letter. Nothing more ever came from it and eventually I suppose the excitement wore off but for a 15-year-old, those letters were priceless.

There were also those letters exchanged with your buddies. Every morning, a hand written letter and a fully decorated page. A letter of poems and silly stories of boys and weekend plans. Perhaps it’s those days that shaped my love of expressing thoughts on paper.

Eventually, as I got older, the letters became less frequent, the text messages more favoured and an art was lost in time… thoughts were confined to journals that now lie at the back of a closet somewhere… and all that is left, is the memory of the letters we once wrote.

The forgotten letters |Tyranny of Pink

Love, Hate, Tag

I was nominated by a dear friend, Andrea who I have met through the blogging world. I love how blogging does that. Andrea’s blog is Living on Cloud Nine and is really worth a visit to catch a glimpse into her happy world. Thanks very much for the nomination Andrea. <3

I don’t know why but I love being nominated for these things. It’s like the chain letter of the blogging world. You get to learn about other bloggers and share some information about yourself with the world.

The rules to Love, Hate, Tag are simple: the person “tagged” must share 10 things they love, 10 things they hate, and then nominate up to 10 other bloggers to do the same! It’s a great way to get to know others (and yourself actually).

I love writing lists so this shouldn’t be too difficult to do but let’s see how this goes.


I love a lot of things so here are just a few  of the superficial and some cheesy things that make me 🙂

  1. Handbags, sunnies, shoes. I inherited the bag and shoes thing from my mother and my grandmother. I blame them because how else was I supposed to grow up surrounded by all those pretty shoes and bags!!
  2. Animals. I can not resist a cuddle with my dog but really I just love animals of all sorts.
  3. Tea. A cup of tea can really make every issue seem manageable. My husband even knows to just ask “can I make you some tea” when I have “that” look.
  4. Cuddling in bed and staying in my PJs’ for the whole of Saturday. I love lying in bed watching series on the weekend. It’s my guilty pleasure and I really don’t like making plans for the one day of the week when I get to do that. Sunday’s are usually my get things done and have family time days so Saturday’s are my sacred me days.
  5. Social Media. I absolutely love being online and get withdrawal symptoms when I have to be away from my phone.
  6. Camping/ adventure/ traveling and holidays. I LOVE going away. I don’t even really care where. I love exploring new cities and wandering through old streets. I love going on an adventure to somewhere and if it’s somewhere I haven’t been then even better.
  7. Feeling my baby kick. I don’t enjoy being pregnant all that much but when he kicks, I am reminded of why I’m going through this and what I have waiting for me on the other side of 9 months.
  8. Time spent with family. I love Sunday lunch and I love movie nights. I love dinner at my moms and especially if she’s making chicken stew which for some reason she hasn’t made in ages.. hint hint mother.
  9. My home. There is no place in the world I love as much as my own home. It’s not that it’s fancy or anything but it’s our little retreat and it’s filled with so much love and happiness. Also, I finally have my perfect dream walk in closet!!
  10.  Christmas and Birthdays!! I’m not religious but I love having everyone over for Christmas lunch. I love the exchange of presents and the happy positive feelings going around. Birthdays, well more like MY birthday. I’m a grown woman who likes to be treated like a princess on her birthday. Two years ago I even wore a pink tutu, a tiara and a birthday princess sash because cheesy birthday costumes are a real winner.

The forgotten letters |Tyranny of Pink


I don’t fancy making this list quite as much as the love list. I don’t like the thought of “hating” something really but here goes…

  1. Shopping at the mall – thank heavens for online shopping.
  2. Racism, sexism, homophobia, prejudice, stereotyping, inequality, poverty, homelessness, world injustice – basically all the socio-economic issues and isms that are wrong with this world. Can this count as one thing or I’ve basically used up my entire list.
  3. People who are late. I HATE it when I’m waiting for someone and their time is more valuable than my time because they feel the need to just keep me waiting. This especially applies to Drs and Dentists who seem to think that you paying them for their time immediately makes your time rubbish and worthless. Rant over. Moral of this story – don’t keep me waiting.
  4. My steak being over cooked in a restaurant. Oh I hate this so much. Please don’t ask me how I would like my steak done and then give it to me over cooked. I do not fancy chewing on leather.
  5. My cell phone battery going flat when I’m far away from being able to charge my phone. Silly but true.
  6. When you have a disagreement with someone and they attack you as a person instead of the issue at hand. NOTHING gets me more worked up than the phrase “you always do/say…..”. No. If that’s how you argue, conversation over.
  7. Writers block. A blogger with nothing to say isn’t really a blogger now are they 😛
  8. Clutter. I can’t stand when my space is chaotic and there are things I don’t need lying around. I am the queen of getting rid of everything. Irony is marrying a man who can leave a cardboard box next to his side of the bed for years before realising it could just go into the bin.
  9. Unsolicited hugs and overly affectionate people. I am honestly the worst hugger. I love my personal space and I’m really not a fan of people coming too close. Weird I know.
  10. Bad service in restaurants.


Now for the fun part. As always with these things, there is no pressure to keep it going but I’m interested to read your responses so if you choose to, let me know.

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  7. The Deal is 

Looking forward to learning a bit more about your loves and hates so let me know if you participate in the tag.




  • survivingjonkersville
    28th August 2015

    Catching up on your posts I may have missed and clearly I missed the tag here. Love both your list and my hate list would probably be 1-10) What Jonelle said. 🙂

    It’s super duper late but I’m on it.

    • TyrannyofPink
      28th August 2015

      Hahah better late than never is absolutely right 😛 I was happy to see your post even without the hate list… the world has enough hate anyway. Today, I am TOTALLY hating people in grocery stores who just amble along with their trolley when you’re trying to get past. Okay I hate grocery shopping to start off with so these people don’t stand a chance 😛

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