Happy Fathers Day

Father’s day has been a sad time for me for the longest time. It’s often tough without your father and this time of year is a constant reminder of his absence.

This year however is a little different

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I’ve always known that my husband is the love of my life. I’ve always known how lucky I am to have him but I honestly didn’t know just how much I could love him until I got pregnant.

I’m a really independent person and this pregnancy has made me extremely dependent on Gerard and he hasn’t winced once. He has attended every single appointment with the Doctor. He has held my hand for every single moment of feeling sorry for myself. He has tolerated all the mood swings and cravings. All the tears and swearing and tantrums. He has cut out drinking a beer or glass of wine when alone with me, and has always checked if it’s okay if I drive us home when we’re out so he can have a drink.

He has helped me get dressed when I just couldn’t do it on my own and run out in the middle of the night to get me whatever I’m craving. He has stopped at the shops on the way home to fight the masses of rush hour shoppers just to buy me one slice of cake – might I add, that this has happened on more than one occasion.

He has helped me pick out outfits when I’ve felt too fat to wear anything. He has told me over and over again that I’m beautiful, even when I feel like a little round hippo. He has rubbed my back whenever I was in pain and done most of the cooking. He has never complained about having to take on almost all the responsibilities in our house.

He has honestly reminded me every single day for the last six months, with only his actions,  that I am the luckiest person in the world. And so is our baby.

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There are so many fathers out there who don’t “step up” and act like dads and I’m so proud to be married to this man who hasn’t even met his son yet and already, has been a better dad than so many men in this world. I know Oden hasn’t officially arrived in this world but already he is so loved – he has the most amazing father. We are truly so lucky to have him in our lives. 

Happy Fathers Day | Tyranny of Pink

Happy Father’s Day Gerard

Thank you for being you!

All our love

Joni and Oden


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  • Jolene
    21st June 2015

    Oh and by the way….thank you for the bonus post!!!

    • TyrannyofPink
      21st June 2015

      Haha I thought it was a worthy reason 🙂

  • Jolene
    21st June 2015

    Ah, Joni! You did it again! This was sooooooo lovely in soooooo many different ways!

    • TyrannyofPink
      21st June 2015

      Thank you Jo . I was pretty convinced no one would read this besides Gerard so I’m glad you did!! X

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