Sometimes you just need a day of indulgence

Coffee tastes better when covered in art! | Tyrannyofpink

An absolutely self-indulgent kind of day. A day spent having a lie in (but let’s be honest, I do that every day) and then taking my sweet time to get up and get dressed before meeting a friend for some shopping. I love Zara although here in South Africa, the stock is usually about 2 seasons behind but that’s okay because everything is just so pretty to look at anyway.

This is serious business

Focus please Jonelle! We needed a dress for my friend. Unfortunately Luckily, we found one immediately and hardly had to spend any time at all on “focussed” shopping… so on we went.

Hello random time spent browsing through every shop in the mall. I don’t love shopping in malls but every now and then you just need to look at all the pretty things and pretend that you’re not carrying around a basketball sized belly while growing a human being.

I can’t even be bothered to try anything on anymore that doesn’t have an elastic waist or is soft and stretchy. Yup, priorities sure do change when you’re pregnant. COMFORT IS KING! 

At some point even shopping can be exhausting

Time to get the hell out the mall (after having a ritual walk through the shoe section at Woolies) before I turn into a grumpy pumpkin. So we pay our parking ticket and get in the car. Where my ticket had suddenly disappeared.

Damn it, I left it in the machine. I never do things like that.. seriously, I probably haven’t misplaced anything since 1995 when I completely lost my best mix tape (I’m still certain my dad threw that out the window of his car though) #PREGNANCYBRAIN!! 

Anyway my buddy ran back to get it (side note: pregnant women do not run back to machines – I’m milking this while I can) but sadly some asshole (the jackass standing behind us I’m guessing since he was the ONLY one around) had already decided that it was his lucky day and claimed “free parking” using my ticket.

My lucky day not so much. Sigh. Can’t believe he still smiled at us as he walked past to his car. Well done asshole, you’ve officially won not only free parking but also first prize for douche bag of the day!

Luckily, the lady at the boom gate was LOVELY and really appreciated being buttered up by my pleading to get let out without a ticket. Apparently if you ask really nicely and swear that you have paid your ticket, people can be really nice to you. She let us out. Yay. Seems like it might be my lucky day after all then. Being nice really does pay off. That woman literally made my day like a million times better. My secret weapon? Smile sweetly and flutter those eyelashes (also, have a big preggy belly).

People watching, time-wasting and a lot of yummy food

So, by now it’s only 2pm and I’ve got a meeting in the area at 5:30pm. Oh no, poor me. A whole day of sitting at a coffee shop (I can’t drive back out to my area in between, I live way too far out of the city. Jokes have even been made about packing food for the road when coming out to visit us) eating delicious food and drinking yummy drinks.

How ever will I cope? Oh yes, that bacon and brie on french baguette sure helps. Oh and did I mention that the coffee arrives with little foam pictures. I SWEAR coffee tastes better when it’s covered in art.

That’s not an opinion it’s a scientific fact. Isn’t it?


[bctt tweet=”“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” ― Mae West”]

Jonelle |Tyranny of Pink



  • Mummy & the Mexicans (@ruthhilbrown)
    4th July 2015

    Sounds great, a whole day to indulge yourself – enjoy it while you can! Leisurely shop browsing and hours spend drinking coffee in cafes are a thing of the past for me, at least for the next few years I think! Visiting from the #WeekendBlogHop

    • TyrannyofPink
      Mummy & the Mexicans (@ruthhilbrown)
      5th July 2015

      I’m trying to get as much “me time” as possible before the baby arrives – I suspect that as you say… it will be a thing of the past for me too soon enough!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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