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Let's talk about that one time while pregnant that I completely lost the plot in a fit of jealous rage | Tyranny of Pink

Let’s talk about that one time while pregnant that I completely lost the plot in a fit of jealous rage

I had a little moment on Tuesday that I can’t say I’m proud of. Now I know I’ve been open about how grumpy this pregnancy makes me but yesterday was an all time low for me. I totally lost the freaking plot.

Hanging my head in shame

Do you ever have those moments when you do something and you actually can’t even believe that it’s you who is doing it? Well that was me. I was just minding my own business, scrolling through Facebook (can you mind your own business while on Facebook?) and suddenly there it was – the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!

Shock and Horror!Β My husband had a new Facebook friend!!

Okay I am really not jealous in my relationship. In the entire time we have been together there has been exactly one instance when I’ve been a bit annoyed about another woman (who was actively trying to “win him back” from me – to the point where even his mother said this girl is carrying a candle for him – I didn’t even know that was a real saying till then) but this was different. Wasn’t it?

That one time while pregnant that I completely lost the plot in a fit of jealous rage | Tyranny of Pink

I lost my marbles – I actually burst into tears.

Why? You might ask… well let me tell you. It was because she was thin and IΒ feel like a pregnant hippo. Yup. At 8Β months pregnant I have become much larger than I am used to being. I obviously have psychological damage to the brain at seeing myself like this because WTF? I am REALLY not generally an insecure person. I am definitely not the kind of person to burst into tears over the addition of a new Facebook friend either.

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The look on his face was priceless – absolute and utter confusion.

I promise you normally I’m more like “well if you want to leave then go, no one is going to force you to be here” and other independent woman type stuff. Oh no, not this particular Tuesday. She was thin and I was huge and that was all it took to turn me into a psychotic crazy person with tears ALL OVER THE PLACE.

My poor husband has to constantly remind me that I’m pregnant and not actually fat… but every now and then I like to throw myself a little pity party. Sometimes I like to invite him to attend it too πŸ˜›

The pregnant grump | Tyranny of Pink
Pregnant NOT Fat!

Lol, thankfully one day later and I’m okay with laughing at myself and the whole situation but it was a pretty serious event at the time. The funniest part was, that he didn’t even know who he had become friends with on Facebook and was extremely confused about what I was talking about.Β Yup – this pregnant grump is also filled with body issues.

Did you have any completely irrational moments while pregnant or am I alone in this one?

Okay, I’m off to eat more chocolate.

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21 thoughts on “Let’s talk about that one time while pregnant that I completely lost the plot in a fit of jealous rage”

  1. Thank you for linking up with #anythinggoes linky. First off you are flipping beautiful and your bump looks lovely in the picture above. Next thing, we are all allowed to have moments like this when we are pregnant ha ha. It allowed as pregnancy messes up your hormones. well thats what I’m sticking too x

    1. You are honestly incredible! Thanks for that lovely compliment! I think pregnant women need them more than any others πŸ˜› because I sure do feel like a giant beached whale most days! The more I share moments like this, the more I’m discovering that other women feel the same way. It definitely helps me to feel more normal knowing I’m not alone!

      Thanks for stopping by via the linky!


  2. My last two pregnancies were a collection of moments of insanity. When we decided to try for Emma, David actually said “I am not sure I am ready for the emotional nightmare that you are when you are pregnant”.

    Really it was not pretty. I felt totally out of control. When I was pregnant with Jack I had a huge fight with a call centre agent. I remember YELLING at her, slamming the phone and realising the entire floor – not just my dept – the whole floor was silently looking at me with fear in their eyes!

    1. Somehow these stories make me feel normal instead of cringing at the crazy behaviour displayed by others! I think too many women are quiet about the things that happen during pregnancies. I honestly suffered alone for the first 3 months before finding the courage to say that I was an emotional mess.

      I can imagine how you felt looking up and seeing the entire floor staring at you… hehe… did they know you were pregnant at the time?

      My husband strangely keeps agreeing with me when I say I’ll never do the whole pregnancy thing again… hmm… I wonder why πŸ˜‰

  3. Lady – you look freakin amazing!

    Okay, so when I was pregant with Mikayla – Cole wanted to escape from my hormones and go out woth his friends. I got so angry that he could go out and have fun ( I was invited, but none of my clothes fitted so declined – and ai was also about 8 months ) that I threw his car keys at his head… With no explanation. Poor guy… Anyway – pregnancy makes you do crazy shit. We are still married, and he willingly got me pregnant again – so all was forgiven ?

    1. You rock my world! Thank you!

      I totally get how you reacted like that – I have literally thrown my toys out the cot while trying to get ready to go out for dinner… NOTHING in my closet fits me anymore and I’ve been reduced to living in my maternity tights! So stylish πŸ˜‰ I love this story – I can totally picture Coles face at having car keys thrown at him hehe… I think it’s a mix between “oh my gosh my wife is crazy” and “oh look she’s creating my child” that enables the love to stay strong after all this crazy!

      My sister in law said she couldn’t stand her husbands smell while she was pregnant so Cole should consider himself lucky it was JUST his chewing πŸ˜›

  4. Before realising I was pregnant, I suddenly became really really angry about anything and everything I felt was unjust. And at that time I was working in a PR agency, so that was like all the time. I had at least two epic screaming matches with my boss who was literally one of my favourite people, in front of the entire staff. It is worth mentioning that I was the most placid person on the planet until I left for my honeymoon then BAM I came back totally psycho and everybody was walking around with their jaws on the floor. The communal sigh of relief when they found out I was pregnant was intense πŸ˜€

    1. I can’t even picture you in angry mode so I can only imagine how confused everyone must have been… hehehe it’s not enough that we have to bring human life into this world, no we also have to suffer for it with extreme emotions lol. My brother lived with us during the early months of my pregnancy and the poor guy was permanently walking on eggshells… one day I lost it and shouted at him for like a good ten minutes over a spoon he had left in the sink before realising it was my spoon. The poor guy just hugged me… hehe. I bet your office was walking around on their toes till they found out psycho Mandy was just pregnant Mandy *whew* πŸ™‚

  5. Firstly, OMG you look amazing! And secondly I have been pregnant 3 times so I have many stories to tell but in my first pregnancy at the moment when I was at one of the most violent hormonal stages around 5 months along, I told a very important person that we were hoping to do business with, in an accidental reply to him on an email, thinking I was sending to to someone else that he was a “Nana” i.e Banana/stupid” because he was being a little IMO like a drama queen. Well that backfired and I have never lived it down and it has been 10 years already. That is the short version, I said a few more things in that email but that was the gist of it,

    1. Firstly you are my FAVOURITE person right now! Thank you!! lol I love that I’m not alone and also kinda cringing over that one… I think yours is way worse than mine. Does it make me a bad person for feeling relieved hehehe… πŸ˜›

      1. HAHAHAHA! No go ahead, I am so over it. It was 10 years ago. I can’t help the rest of my office can’t forget πŸ™‚ Please if it helps you then it’s yours to use as a form of relief.

  6. Omg yes!!!! No in a jealous rage though. I spent 2 hours on the phone while he was in the Netherlands crying for biltong. I don’t mean crying, I mean like howling. I can’t explain it was so crazy but real!!!! ? thankfully like you all normal was restored ??? #bumphormones hahahahaha

    1. Hahah Sheena you make me laugh!! Seriously lol… I hear you thought. There have been a few close moments when I’ve been temped to scream and cry and sob for cheesecake!! lol Glad I’m not alone.

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