Hello September! The final countdown!

So it’s finally September!

Isn’t it crazy how fast the world has flown by this year or is that just me?

I remember just the other day it was my birthday (in January) and I was wondering how to go about announcing to the world about my pregnancy and now I’m in the month in which he will arrive. It has literally been a year of wishing away time. Nothing in the world makes you more impatient than having to wait for the birth of your first child.

Three weeks to go but it feels like a lifetime

Hello September! The final countdown! | Tyranny of Pink

He’s supposed to arrive on September 19th but I’m hoping he comes a little bit earlier than that. My back, my body and my poor husband have all had to deal with their fair share of pressure and complaining. Here’s a post I wrote which explains just how much I’ve been complaining about the world.

I’ve been spending way too much time looking at his room and wondering if he will EVER get here, worrying about packing my hospital bag, worrying about whether or not I’ll be a good mom. Luckily my friend Mandy wrote this post on her blog about the exact thing and made me feel like I’m completely normal for having this concern. Yay for other people feeling exactly like I do!

We’ve also spoken quite excessively about how cute our baby will or will not be. My mom said I was a really ugly baby and now I’m filled with worry that I’ll have to send out pictures of my baby and people will say things like “awwww he’s so cute” when really we all know he isn’t. Hehe okay seriously though, I know he will be perfect no matter what he looks like. <3 Although I’m still secretly hoping he will look like his dad. Good news is that babies tend to look more like their dads anyway when they’re born.

Seriously, how cute was my husband as a baby?

Hello September! The final countdown! | Tyranny of Pink

Okay so September is going to be CRAZY but it’s also going to be amazing. I hope I can stay sane till the end of the month. Oh wait, I hope I stay sane while trying to figure out this new mother thing. Is it just me that’s completely terrified about having to bring home a tiny brand new little baby and actually keep him alive? Please tell me you were just as scared as I am!

In case I disappear off into labour or something like that

I’ve planned and scheduled a few posts for the period ahead so that my blog doesn’t become a deserted wasteland so please keep visiting after the baby is born and please share my posts like crazy because nothing is worse than coming back to your blog and your stats looking like no one loves you… and you love me right? Hehehe

Okay seriously though here’s to Spring (if you’re like me and living in the Southern Hemisphere) and all the new and exciting changes that will be happening this month!

It’s the final countdown!

Jonelle | Tyranny of Pink




  • Shanéy Maharaj
    2nd September 2015

    Gosh doll I can’t believe how fast time went for us! Eeeek all the best!

    • TyrannyofPink
      Shanéy Maharaj
      2nd September 2015

      I know hey…. thankfully 😛 Hope everything is smooth sailing over the next few weeks.
      Thinking of you! Keep me posted!! xxx

  • Cassey Toi
    2nd September 2015

    There are days when I miss being pregnant, it was all so much simpler….so much easier on the worry side. That said cuddles ftw…and yay for meeting him soon.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Cassey Toi
      2nd September 2015

      My best friend said the same thing – that it’s all so easy when you’re pregnant… the hard part starts when they arrive in this world. If my childhood is anything to go by… good luck to me 🙂


  • BrightDreamerz
    2nd September 2015

    I bet he’ll be the cutest baby ever! xx Lovely post


    • TyrannyofPink
      2nd September 2015

      Hi Daizy 🙂

      haha… thank you!


  • ChevsLife
    2nd September 2015

    This post brings back such wonderful memories. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant! My son was very kind to my body during pregnancy.

    Jonelle, enjoy those final flutters of his tiny kicks, enjoy the movements you feel within. It is pure magic! If there is one thing I miss about pregnancy, it is these sacred, intimate moments we share with our child while still in the womb. I miss listening to Cafe Del Mar while stroking my growing belly – now he is big, he talks back and real life kicks against the shins hurt! Motherhood is perfection in motion – we take it in our stride, we wear the name with pride and we love our kids with all that we are and so much more.

    Wishing you an amazing experience as you prepare for your little one’s birth. Much love!

    • TyrannyofPink
      2nd September 2015

      This is such a beautiful message – Thank you <3 I can't wait for him to be here but in the same breath, I want to be able to protect him forever and I know that once he's in the real world, there's so little time until he's on his own and he'll be making his own choices in the world.

      I love lying in bed at night and watching my belly move around. It's so special. My husband is constantly feeling envious that I get to spend this time with him that he doesn't. It's incredible.

      Thank you for all your amazing well wishes!

      So much love

      <3 <3 <3

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