I can’t get no hospital sleep

I dont wanna be back in hospital | Tyranny of Pink

It has been ten days since the last time I posted anything on my blog. In that time, I’ve been sick again and in hospital again. 🙁 This time for two abscesses that caused me severe pain. Both of them related to my previous injuries and previous surgeries. I guess this post isn’t anything profound – just an update on little old me and how I’m doing.

Truth is, I’m exhausted. All. The. Time. Hospital sleep is absolutely rubbish. They wake you to offer you sleeping pills and the nurses are all shouting to each other like it’s noon and they’re on the beach.

Suddenly it’s 4am and someone is waking me to offer me tea. What is up with the tea service at that time? So of course I say yes because I know there’s no coffee till breakfast time if I say no now and everyone around me will be up having coffee and FOMO and all that.

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Musical Hospitals?

Something exciting happened this time around. I got moved to a different hospital. At least this one had better breakfasts!!


Yup, I was sent to another hospital so that a specialist in “people with tummy issues” (that’s definitely not the official term) can deal with me. I had two GIANT probes stuck in through my skin to draw out samples from these two “tiny” growths. Well I tell you that was something kind of painful. Worst part was that I thought I was just going for a good old-fashioned MRI and suddenly I found myself being “operated” on. Okay so it wasn’t a huge deal but last time I had a sudden anything done on me I landed up at death’s door. So of course I was nervous. None of my family was there and it wasn’t pleasant. I cried. I cried and I couldn’t move my arms (for the MRI) and the assistant had to wipe my not so big girl tears off my face.

I’m sorry for offloading this on you. I bet you thought oh yay a new post but instead it’s just little old me and my ever continuing saga.

The good news

I came home on Saturday night and I slept a bit restlessly. I took painkillers and it helped. Sunday though, I slept all the way through Sunday night and woke up having had my first pain-free night in nearly 11 weeks. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Had a follow-up check up…. blood tests taken and we’re waiting for the results but according to the Dr, so far so good.

Felt so good today that I went shopping. Yes I finally got to see the bloody H&M I’ve been dying to get to and didn’t find anything suitable for me. Oh well. Today was a wonderful day. 

Now I’m exhausted. Thank you for your continued well wishes, positive thoughts and messages <3


Jonelle | Tyranny of Pink



  • Cindy
    18th November 2015

    So glad that you are feeling better!!!! xoxoxox

  • catjuggles
    17th November 2015

    I am so glad you are better and had a good day out! Gosh, what an ordeal

    • TyrannyofPink
      17th November 2015

      Thanks Cat! I’m SO happy to be home again and feeling so strong.. now to remember to take it easy 😉 I’m not so good at that!

  • Bonnie
    16th November 2015

    So glad it was a wonderful day. Been a while since you’ve had one of those. Better days ahead. ♡ xoxo

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