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A drink of Whine | Tyranny of Pink

A drink of Whine

I’m not the person that I was


Before my entire world came crashing down around me

I try not to linger

in sadness and self-pity

but sometimes, you’ve just got to

drink the wine


And I take a big deep sip

That rolls on my tongue and down the back of my throat

It hits the spot

like a morphine drip


The pain is washed away

temporarily providing me relief

A chance to sleep

A moment to forget


So I exhale and lift the cup again

Touch the cold glass to my lips

and take another deep





Poor me.

Poor old non deserving me.

A torment topped with

grief and agony and

a broken womb


I have nothing


to give



So I take another sip…






10 thoughts on “A drink of Whine”

    1. Thank you Monica! I really appreciate that. I’m okay most of the time, just every now and then I feel so sorry for myself but then I pull myself together and give my son a huge cuddle. <3 Lots of love! xoxo

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