To my son as he turns ten months old

Dearest beautiful boy

Right now, you’re still figuring out the world. Things are strange to you and everything is new. You want to put everything in your mouth, you want to taste and touch and feel. Your hands are quick to grab and the thrill of everything excites you. I love watching you explore.

A letter to my son - Tyranny of Pink

I love watching you get excited or confused when the cat licks your hand with her rough tongue. I know it feels weird to you and I know you don’t understand everything. I know I try to protect you as much as I can. I know that at 10 months, this already drives you nuts. WHY can’t you play and touch and explore everything. I know you get so cross with me and I know I make you frustrated but son, this is how life is going to be.

There are so many dangerous things out there and I want to protect you from as many of them as I can for as long as I can. I know that one day, you will be too old for me to hold you in my arms and rock you to sleep. I know that one day, rubbing your sore gums won’t be necessary anymore.

A letter to my son - Tyranny of Pink

I know that when your heart breaks, I won’t be the first you call. I know those things are in the future but I can’t help that I want to hold you close for as long as I can.

You just so happened into this world as a miracle. You were born to two people who were told not to have any hope. You were born to us and changed everything. Our entire lives flipped upside down and yet nothing could have been more of a blessing to us.

You are everything to us.

At night, when you wake up and fuss because you can’t find your dummy, and your dad has to run to your room to pop it in your mouth and put you down again (because for some reason you know how to get up but not lie back down) those are the moments that teach us about parenting. When no matter how deep asleep you were, your child cries out and you run. You are everything to us.

This last week, your ears have been causing you so much pain thanks to tooth number 2 coming out. You haven’t been sleeping. We haven’t been sleeping. When you cry in pain, I want to cry with you. My heart breaks for all the pain you feel. I want to take it away and keep you safe from everything and anything that makes you suffer.

Instead, we rush you to the paediatrician and she makes it all better. No hesitations. No risks. No chances for anything to go wrong.

I love you son

You started sitting just before you turned 6 months old.

A letter to my son - Tyranny of Pink

You started crawling at 8 months.

You got your first tooth at 8 months too.

You crawl all over the place. You’re speedier than I’d have imagined was possible. You love nothing more than going outside and exploring. Looking out the gate and watching the world go by.

You my son are amazing. You amaze me. Your blue eyes and blonde hair are the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Sometimes, I just look at you and I feel proud to be your mom.

A letter to my son - Tyranny of Pink

I love that you outwit us by crawling around or under the barriers that we build.

I love that drinking water and eating food is the simplest thing for you. I love that you eat everything as long as it’s not bland and boring.

I love that you’re so easy.

I love watching you with your dad and listening to the two of you playing together.

A letter to my son - Tyranny of Pink

I love that you hate being overdressed and get fussy if you’re too warmly dressed.

I love that at 9 months old our favourite saying is “not in your mouth” and you listen.

I love that when I ask for kisses for mum, you open your mouth, stick out your tongue and lick my cheek. I love that the slobbery kisses are the best I’ve ever had.

You, have given me new purpose. You have changed my life. I love you more than I ever thought I would, than I ever thought I could. You are everything to me.

A letter to my son - Tyranny of Pink

All my love,


10 month stuff

  • 1 tooth
  • 10.8kgs
  • Crawling
  • Standing
  • Eats anything
  • Sleeps in his own room
  • Wakes for one bottle
  • Loves the cats more than anything
  • Squeals with delight
  • Gives mom kisses when asked <3



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