Inspirational Women: Meet Jane of Dandelion Dreams

When I was pregnant with my son Oden, I was permanently on a mission to find my baby a beautiful mobile that he could stare up at and be carried away to happy places. Of course his dad had other ideas that included Star Wars characters hanging above my little baby. In the end, neither happened and at the last-minute we bought him a little colourful one with odd-shaped animals on it. He liked it but it wasn’t what I had planned in my head.

Dandelion-Dreams | Tyranny of Pink

So when my friend Jane Field recently launched her new business; Dandelion Dreams, I knew I had to write about her beautiful products that can only be described as whimsical. I immediately contacted Jane and asked her if she’d do me the honour of letting me write about her new business. To my absolute delight, she said yes!


I am so passionate about lifting other women and empowering each other by giving each other support when we can. When women launch businesses, follow their dreams or live their passions, I want to be there saying well done and showing the world that we can be moms and we can thrive in our careers and we can do both if that’s what we want to do! So here is Jane’s story!! Please contact her directly to order her beautiful products!

Dandelion-Dreams | Tyranny of Pink

How it all began!

Whilst I was pregnant with my third child (a precious bundle of pink), I’ve gone through some serious nesting. With a desire for modern designs, a background in arts, a love for all things bohemian inspired, and this being my first little sprite, I knew I didn’t want a nursery like any other. I wanted to create something really special for my new baby girl, handmade with love from mommy, an element of art that would entrance her; something like a dream catcher or mobile for above her cot or change station.

Dandelion-Dreams | Tyranny of Pink

Having spent hours on Pinterest and other sites looking, looking for quirky ideas and DIY products to do, I knew I wanted something different, not the traditional or conventional “baby mobile,” but rather something that she could use even after her baby phase. With that being said, this was the inspiration behind Dandelion Dreams and  my baby girl, Skyla-Rae, eternal life, love, unique beauty, my gracious gift from above; my muse.

Dandelion Dreams is focused on creating modern baby ‘heirlooms’ that are designed to be a work of art and meant to hang in your childs room long after their last nappy is changed. Inspired by the unconventional, free spirit and non-traditional lifestyle of Bohemianism. I believe, that as parents we should surround our children with things that are as unique, imaginative, and wonderful as they are. With that in mind, I want to create a little bit of ‘magic’ with each mobile I make, that will last long after the baby phase is gone.

I take pride in that, all my dream catchers and mobiles are hand-made by myself, one at a time, with the greatest care, attention to detail and the highest quality materials and fabrics.


‘I like the smell of earth, the touch of waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive’ – SHIBOKA

With love & light

Jane Field

Contact Jane directly / 082 789 558

Follow her Facebook page

Or buy her products directly from Hello Pretty! 






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