God? [November 2008]

I wrote this poem in 2008 after my dad died in a car accident. There is nothing great about the poem itself. It was just a 23-year-old who had lost her dad rambling onto a page. I was traumatised for a long time after he died. His death changed everything about me and who I am. It took away religion for me and opened my eyes to the fact that death is just a part of life and sometimes it happens to good people without reason. It just is what it is. Today I stumbled across some poems I’d written trying to cope with my grief and this one in particular reminded me of how thoughtless medical staff can be and how sometimes, hope is for nothing but we do what we can to cope with things that happen to us. Life just is. I live my life trying to remember that instead of questioning and asking why. Life just happens and death is just a part of living.



There is no hope were told
The brain is dead
And the body can’t cope
There is no hope were told
But we pray
We ask God to perform a miracle
We pray
We close our eyes and we ask God to save you
We tell him we need him
We beg and we pray
5 days
We wait
While he decides
Give up we are told
Turn off the machines
So we do
And you fight
Hanging by a thread
We hope and we pray
We ask God to hear us
We hope and we pray
But time ticks by slowly
And there is no change
Your heart getting weaker
Your body begins to swell
Turn off the machines they say
But we
Say no
You’re fighting
But you are weak
And your heart slows down
The beats
begin to end
You fought the good fight
and you ended it
Your way
There is no God


  • Bonnie
    22nd August 2016


  • Bonnie
    22nd August 2016

    Oh reading this took me right back to that day. Heartbreaking. ?
    Beautiful poem. ??

    • TyrannyofPink
      22nd August 2016

      Thanks mum! A day none of us want to go back to!

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