What does a life of value look like to you?

What does a life of value look like to you? It’s a really personal matter and no one is here to tell you the answers to questions like this. You’ve got to be brace enough to look at your life and try to figure out the parts that make you happy and the parts that don’t. The ones that make you happy you can put under the life of value box. The ones that don’t, put those under the throw out box.

Am I truly happy in my life as it is?

In time, we come to realise that perhaps we are living a life that doesn’t make us as happy as we could be. So many people just carry on without making any changes. The whole point of figuring out what matters to you is to make the changes necessary to change your life and live happily. It’s not always easy to make a drastic transformation but we can do a little every day in the direction of achieving our purpose. We can explore and live in such a way that we feel like we are shifting instead of standing still. The truth is, all we can hope for is a life with meaning and satisfaction instead of one that just goes by day-to-day.

You’ve got to know that every moment that you’re alive is worth something.

You’ve got to be terrified of dying because living is just too wonderful. The whole point of this world, is to do everything in our power to come out on the other side with a sense of having achieved greatness. The world is wasted by doing mundane jobs and living with one eye on the clock. Constantly looking forward to the end of the day. No, life is about living and finding what drives you and satisfies you. Life is all about pursuing your dreams and in time, making sure that those dreams are your reality.

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  1. Am I happy?
  2. Is this where I want to be in life?
  3. What do I need to do to feel like I’ve truly arrived in my happy place? 

If you’re happy, that’s fantastic. If not, well then, starting today you’ve got to figure out what it takes to make you happy and do everything in your power to achieve that dream.

Life is too short to just let it happen to you. 

Only you can know if your life is one of value. No one else can tell you what it should be and you should never rely on others for the answer because the truth is, very few people have the courage to pursue their purpose.

Are you brave enough?

What does a life of value look like to you? Ask yourself these three questions...



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