Have I told you about that time our car was stolen?

It was stolen from right outside our house just before Christmas!

The holiday season is such an amazing time of year don’t you think? Everyone is relaxed and having a great time and eating so much amazing food. The last thing anyone thinks of is something bad happening. Like your car being stolen from right outside your gate just days before Christmas! You never think this kind of thing will happen to you. It’s always the kind of thing that happens to someone you know. Until it does happen to you.

Yup, that’s right. It happened to us!

We don’t live in a bad neighbourhood and lots of people in our street park in front of their gates so we thought nothing of doing the same. We were sitting around watching a movie completely oblivious to the fact that someone was helping themselves to our car.

Our car, that we depend on to make a living and survive day-to-day, was gone!

It was actually a pretty surreal experience, my husband went outside to turn on the hose so he could water the garden and just so happened to look outside the gate and in the spot where our car had been parked, was nothing. A big old empty space.

He came inside looking a little lost for words, looked at me and mumbled “I think our car has been stolen.” The idea of that having happened just seemed impossible. So I told him he’s not funny at all and that’s a terrible joke. Well, turns out the joke was on me because just as he said, our car was gone! We inspected the ground for I don’t know what, clues of some sort I guess but nope, there were none in sight. Except the broken lock from the door. Just lying there looking all woeful and sad.

Having insurance saved our Christmas

We called the police who promptly came around and took our statements and straight up told us that the chances of getting our car back was nil to none and we shouldn’t hold our breath but that they would let us know if anything popped up.

We immediately let our insurance know and if we hadn’t had insurance, our Christmas would have been a disaster. Luckily, we were smart enough to take out insurance on our car. An expense that I’ve since learnt is absolutely necessary no matter how many times you tell yourself “it won’t happen to me” because the truth is, it can and it did. There really is no excuse when there are many avenues for Cheap car insurance out there.

Having insurance SAVED OUR LIVES. Without a car we would have been in serious trouble. With two working people it would have been impossible to get to work and continue with our day-to-day lives without having cover that replaced our car within days!

If you aren’t covered then get on it immediately!

If you want car insurance with premiums that decrease every month, then King Price will save you more money each and every month.

The good news is, they don’t just do car insurance but will also take care of things like your buildings, home contents, caravan, trailer and portable possessions. That’s pretty awesome don’t you think?

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*This post has been sponsored by King Price but as usual, all opinions are my own!



  • Enricoh Alfonzo
    1st December 2016

    Dudett, Where’s your car?
    Lolol jokes aside that’s south africa for ya, sad experience I’m sorry your car was stolen.
    I know insurance rocks and everything but I really hate that whole excess payment nonsense

    • TyrannyofPink
      Enricoh Alfonzo
      1st December 2016

      Lol isn’t it awful that in SA we’ve got to be thankful that “all they got was the car” cause that was literally our attitude! I hate paying excess but it was a small price to pay compared to replacing the entire car. Oh, did I mention we’d only had the car for about 3 or 4 weeks before it got stolen! Bloody fantastic right!!

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