Dear new blogger

I know you’ve just started out and you’re reading through the masses of information out there on the internet and you’re wondering how the fuck will you ever know it all. I know that when you’re a new blogger everything seems so scary.

So here’s a little secret.

I don’t think anyone ever knows it all.

Sure there are the loud mouths who act like they know everything. They speak in a confident manner and perhaps they know a lot. Perhaps they know so much more than you and I will ever know but the truth is, they will never know everything.

Remember that people will brag about what they’ve achieved, but they don’t brag about the price they paid to get it.” — Penelope Trunk

Just when we think we know something – the gods of social media throw a spanner in the works and shake things up, making predicting how things will get the best results impossible. Sure there’s always a best guess but that’s not always accurate.

Instead of feeling panic-stricken as a new blogger when you see established bloggers using big words that you have no understanding of, cut yourself some slack, give yourself time. Eventually, you too will come to know a lot.

Here’s what works for me

Use it, don’t use it, but know that you’re not alone. Everyone started from the beginning. No one starts out knowing exactly what does and doesn’t work. Everyone goes through learning curves and it takes time.

Ask people you respect for advice or for help.

Not everyone will help you but many many others will. Many others will remember what it was like to be a brand new blogger feeling lost in the world. Many established bloggers will give you a hand up and help you with getting to where you want to be. Many others won’t. You just need to figure out who you can ask for help and who not to. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

I am thankful for the people who have helped me along the way and often still do.

Focus on what your needs and goals are

Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t follow advice about what you should be doing if that’s not what works for you.

You are not them. Your blog is not their blog. Your audience is probably not their audience.

You need to do what works for you.

It may not be what they agree with but that’s okay.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t procrastinate. If you want to blog, then blog. ― Fritz Chery” username=”tyrannyofpink”]

Keep learning

Take the time to do research and to learn and take advantage of free courses available. Use the resources available for free out there in the world.

Check out AlisonCoursera and Udemy . They often have really cool courses.

There are bloggers who have built empires from nothing. Read their blogs. Learn from them. Use the parts that work for you and ignore the parts that don’t.

I love Melyssa Griffin and By Regina for blogging related topics

Find people who inspire you and learn from them.

For me, that’s Richard Branson, Gary Vee and Penelope Trunk.

Richard Branson for his try everything and always help others approach to life. Gary Vee for his inspirational and motivational talks and Penelope because, well, Penelope.

Penelope is this oddball woman who writes from her heart. She has built her business up over the years. She has developed her brand. Her name isn’t even Penelope. How crazy is that? She doesn’t pretend to be anyone she isn’t. She’s just herself. Learn from the people you admire. Let those people teach you.

Learn and grow and shift your focus or change your direction if that’s what you need to do. Change your niche or don’t have a niche at all. Do what works for you. Do what makes you happy and makes you reach your goals. Have goals in place.

Don’t be swayed by the goals of those around you.

We aren’t all the same. We don’t all have the same needs, wants, goals or desires. Focus on your own goals and make sure to keep checking you’re on track. Don’t be influenced by what other people want for their blogs or themselves. Focus on you and your needs. Focus on doing what you have to do to get to where you want to be. Learn from others but always remember your goals.

We don’t all want to do what everyone else is doing.

And if you want to make money from your blog, that’s okay too but don’t start a blog because you think you will get rich overnight. You probably won’t.

[bctt tweet=”The formula for failure is trying to please everybody all the time. ― Herbert Bayard Swope” username=”tyrannyofpink”]

Blogging is hard work.

It takes a lot of time and effort and often money to make your blog work. It often doesn’t make money for years. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t feel pressured to work for free if you don’t want to but if you feel passionate about something, do it for free. For me, that’s promoting any cause I believe in.

I don’t work for free in general because I feel that my time is valuable. I believe in myself and I don’t spend time doing anything that doesn’t make me happy in one way or another but I am devoted to bringing change to a world with so much ugly in it and if it’s a cause I stand behind, I will do that for the passion not the money.

Write good content.

I can’t emphasise this enough. Write and review and rewrite if you need to. Write it, proofread it and read it out loud and make sure it’s getting your message across. Make sure you’re saying what you aim to say. If your blog is just aimless ramblings then that’s okay too but know that not many people are going to want to read ramblings about nothing. Just remember what your goals are. If you started your blog to have an internet diary of your daily ramblings then that’s totally cool too.

Content is not king – relevant, timely and authentic content is king” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

Use tools like google keyword analysis and see what works for your blog and your goals.

Have a focus but don’t let that focus be set in stone. Allow yourself the room to grow as your blog does.

Most importantly, have faith in yourself. Even when your stats are small. Even when your following is only your mom, eventually, that will change. With time, your blog will grow and your audience will too.

Work hard enough and the money will come but be clever about the plans you put into place.

Know that there isn’t only one way to make money from blogging.

  • You don’t HAVE to work with brands you don’t care about. You have other options.
  • You can sell courses or products or services.
  • You can use affiliate links or sponsored posts.
  • You can collaborate and work with someone else and figure out a way for things to benefit you both.

If you need more ideas about how you can make money, read Melyssa Griffin’s article How to make money blogging

Don’t give up because it doesn’t work immediately.

Don’t feel like you can’t do it just because there are others who are already successful. Everyone started at the beginning. Everyone started with only one article. Everyone had to learn how to get it right. Everyone had to find their own path.

You’re not alone. Just remember why you started and focus on that. Focus on your goals. Write great content and never stop learning.

You can do this but nothing happens overnight.

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  • 9 Lessons I learned during my first year of being a blogger - Mel's Postbox
    17th July 2017

    […] 1: You’re a lifelong learner Firstly, I’m intrigued by the blog post “Dear new blogger”. It was written by Jonelle of Tyranny of Pink and she tells of what worked for her as a blogger. […]

  • Venean
    2nd March 2017

    This is awesome! As a new blogger it is so overwhelming there are days I’m just like no I don’t want to think about blogging today. Even though I started because writing is something I love. With all these bloggers out there it becomes so difficult to drown out what everyone else is doing to find your own space to just be uniquely you. But definitely possible. Awesome post!

    • TyrannyofPink
      2nd March 2017

      Thank you so much Venean! I just know what it was like when I started blogging. I felt terrified and overwhelmed and really, it should just be about you and your blog and your personal goals. It’s impossible to compete with huge bloggers so why even try. Rather just set yourself goals and fight like hell to reach those! Thanks very much for reading, glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Shoshana Sue
    6th February 2017

    Thanks a lot for this. For someone like me who is less than two months in blogging, I have been getting overwhelmed at times with all the information. Reading this has been helpful.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Shoshana Sue
      6th February 2017

      You’re welcome Shoshana, thanks so much for reading! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, just remember that the best way to eat an elephant is bit by bit. Don’t try do everything all at once. You’ll get there! Plus, you’ve started so you’re steps ahead of many! xoxo

  • Melissa Javan (@melissa_nel)
    6th February 2017

    Great post – I love the quotes especially the one of Penelope Trunk.
    It’s very important that one should focus on your growth as a blogger – being stagnant is a thumbs down.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Melissa Javan (@melissa_nel)
      6th February 2017

      Thanks so much Melissa! I agree, growth is very important and it doesn’t help to measure ourselves up against others with different goals!

  • meg
    6th February 2017

    i love this post – i wish more people would realise that blogging is hard work. so many people think its a quick way to make money – truth is, i havent made a cent and yet, i still spend so much of my time doing it!

    • TyrannyofPink
      6th February 2017

      Thanks so much Meg! It drives me nuts when I see people asking how can they get rich quick with blogging. Like the rest of us right 😛 But blogging is so satisfying if you just do it for the love of it and work hard enough and then eventually, the money follows!

    • Melissa Javan (@melissa_nel)
      6th February 2017

      I feel you Meg

  • Simone Cameron
    6th February 2017

    Such an informative post and something I definitely needed to read. You’re definitely one of the helpful ones, and we all appreciate you 🙂

    Lol…even my mom isn’t following my blog!!! HOw sad, but yes I know how it feels, wondering if anybody is reading. People are aiming for 10 000 views a month, and I’m trying to hit 500,,,but for now, I blog for fun. It’s a lot of hard work and I’m nowhere near good at it yet….so I can’t imagine how much harder it is when your blog is already a brand and well known.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Simone Cameron
      6th February 2017

      Wow Simone. Thank you! I’m so glad you found this post helpful and relevant and I REALLY appreciate you saying that I’m helpful. It means a lot to me. I think there’s too much competition amongst bloggers instead of helping each other we often try to tear each other down and I always want the best for other people.

      My mom was the only person reading my blog for the longest time but eventually that changes. I’m sure you have some very dedicated followers and what I love to remind myself is that even if only one person reads my blog ever, that’s all I need! I write for myself and I love to blog but it’s a really lovely thing when people like you comment on my blog and tell me that I’ve written something that impacted on them in a positive way. Thank you for being so lovely <3

  • Bonnie
    6th February 2017

    Great tips and advice. X

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