To the father of my child – Happy Father’s Day!

To my incredible husband on Father’s Day – Thank you!

There are not enough words in the English language that can be used to express how much I love you and how thankful I am that I found you. Happy Father’s Day my love!

I remember back to a time when I didn’t want to get married. Then I met you and I couldn’t imagine a life without you! I couldn’t imagine a life without a family with you!

In the last nine years, you’ve gone from just someone I met at a rock concert, to boyfriend and best friend, to life partner and husband and father.

By far the most important role of all – Dad!

I am in constant awe of how wonderful a father you are to our son.

A role you’ve had no experience in, you took and perfected.

A better father than many who have had years to practice and learn to get it right!

All the weeks I spent in hospital, you figured it all out.

All the night feeds I never did.

All the bodily fluids you’ve had to deal with and the bottles you’ve had to make.

All the formula buying.

All the baby feeding.

All the staying awake through the night.

All the while caring not only for our newborn son but for me too, as I recovered after each and every surgery.

I am in constant awe of how you do it all!

And still somehow you managed to finish your Masters degree and get a distinction for a dissertation that you completed while learning how to be a father, nearly losing your wife and then having to take care of me as I healed and recovered and your newborn son.

I can’t find the words to thank you enough for being who you are!

You may not be perfect but you are perfect for us.

You make loving you easy.

I watch our son watching you. With love and awe in his eyes.

And when you’re not there, he wanders from room to room calling “Da’ and sometimes I am jealous of how much he loves you but then I realise how much of a blessing it is to have a husband who is such a wonderful father.

In our sons eyes, you are everything.

In my eyes, you are everything to us.


Thank you my love, for being who you are!

Thank you for loving us, selflessly. Whole heartedly.

Thank you for being the dad that you are to Oden and the husband that you are to me.

Thank you for always putting your family first and always doing the best that you can do.

Thank you for loving us.

Happy Father’s Day

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