What are you afraid of?

They say death is the number one fear.

Not to me.

I’m not afraid of dying.
You see to me you’re alive
And then you’re not


Just light one minute and darkness the next


No I’m not afraid of dying.
Only the bereaved I’d leave behind.
You see I know that feeling all too well
The pain that fills the void
The heart-break that fills the silence
The longing that remains
When love has died


I’m afraid of the hole left behind
I’m afraid of the tears and sadness
And not that many would be sad
But the ones that would, would be devastated.


I’m not afraid of death
I met her once but she laughed in my face
Before walking away


I’m not afraid of death
It’s her brother grief that I fear most


That cold conceited bastard doesn’t give a damn.


  • Govind Kale
    29th September 2018

    Well I am literally crying right now….

  • ella
    7th July 2017

    Loved this

  • Bonnie
    7th July 2017

    Beautiful words.
    So true. The ones who are left behind struggle.
    That’s why we must love and appreciate those in our lives and let them know how much they are loved while we can. I love you as big as the sky. ?

    • TyrannyofPink
      7th July 2017

      Yes, exactly! It’s so much easier for the ones who die… love you so much mom <3

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