Let’s talk about race! [ Again ]

Ugh not again.

I can practically hear them saying as they roll their eyes reading this headline.

I’m so tired of this race topic. Can’t we just move on already… I mean Apartheid has been over for like a really long time can’t they just let go already and move on. It’s just getting so old…

Yup, this kind of dialogue is just too fucking common around here. People are open about it, they don’t even realise that there is an issue.

Dove puts out an ad campaign and it’s offensive to a lot of people and there are some who roll their eyes because “oh not this thing again” but it’s SO easy to just dismiss this as an overreaction.

If you’re not affected by it.

If you’re in the privileged position to not be bothered by these “annoying race things” ugh because it’s sooo last season right?

EXCEPT it’s not.

For MANY MANY MANY people in this country and in this world, race and racism is still a huge part of every single day.

And you know what else? Non white people, people of colour, black people, mixed race people, people who don’t get classified as NORMAL on a day-to-day basis, people who get listed as AFRICAN AMERICAN because the standard, white, is AMERICAN… people who spend every single day of their lives dealing with this shit are tired.

We are tired of hearing that there needed to be a more diverse team at the DOVE head office because THEN this wouldn’t have happened.

No, how about we ALL know that this shit is racist and offensive without having to be told? Is that too much to ask? That people use their own common sense??

Do we really need to have lessons on how to NOT offend people who aren’t “NORMAL” skin coloured?

Yeah I’m tired.

I’m fucking exhausted to be honest.

I’m tired of having to EXPLAIN racism and why shit is offensive.

I’m tired of listening to people whining about how hard it is for them to have to watch their p’s and q’s because heaven forbid they have to spend one minute being politically correct. Cause it’s hard right, to not be a dick?

Now imagine how much harder it is to constantly have to be on the receiving end of being less than, not good enough, not normal etc…

If you didn’t find the advert offensive then that’s cool – but please don’t roll your eyes because someone else gets offended. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean that person is wrong and that their feelings aren’t valid!

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  • Celeste Jonkers
    10th October 2017

    Personally I didn’t find the ad offensive. To. Me. Then again, there’s a whole lot of things I don’t find offensive. But that’s me and my bubble I live in. The same bubble that wards off assholes and assholy behaviour.

    That said, I understand that there are many people who would disagree with me. (Re: the ad) This is a wound that will take more than 20 x 20 years to heal. This is real. Many people draw on the short end of the race and prejudice straw and that’s not cool.

    So this is me not rolling my eyes to those affected and giving the middle finger to the enforcers.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Celeste Jonkers
      11th October 2017

      Thank you! It’s okay to not be offended – as long as we acknowledge the feelings of others I think.
      Middle finger to the enforcers!!

  • Ella
    10th October 2017

    My most annoying thing with SA racism is when ppl say “it’s been over 20 years already” like do you even know what IT was? Do you even for a second understand your privilege? Do you get that here in SA ppl say shit like smart for a coloured girl, pretty for a black girl. Do you get that white is the standard and 20 years is not a flip enough time to get over jack

  • Bonnie
    10th October 2017

    Well said my not normal child. Love you xoxo

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