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I’m not going to lie, the hardest part of making this move is getting everything organised in the shortest amount of time. For some crazy reason, I decided in April this year that we were moving to New Zealand and it all had to happen before the end of the year. Yeah, no pressure.

Of course Home Affairs made this impossible for us but we didn’t find that out until everything else was pretty much sorted.

When you’re making a huge move, internationally, and it’s not just you but your entire family which includes your household contents, a toddler and FOUR pets – you try to get everything done in the simplest way and that includes selling our cars!

I say almost because although we got evaluations done, we ended up not selling them because we found out at the last-minute that my passport had a problem and we most likely wouldn’t be leaving until next year while I sort that out. And we need our cars till then so we’ve put off the actual selling of the cars.

What do I mean by getting it done easily?

Well, there are online websites like We Buy Cars and CarZar that will assess your car and give you an estimate of how much your car is worth without someone even coming around to your house. This means that in your extremely busy life when you’re trying to figure out EVERYTHING, you also get an instant estimation of how much money selling your car will actually add to your budget. You don’t have to leave home, you don’t have to meet with anyone – you literally just go onto the website and type in your cars details and bob’s your uncle. You get an instant value.

What I really liked about CarZar is the fact that not only do they give you a cash estimate but they also give you the option of letting them sell your car for you instead of buying it which means you could actually get a better price for your car!

Seriously, the convenience of the whole process is really just awesome and people like me, who don’t like going to car dealers really get the added bonus of being able to hide away behind a computer and still get the necessary information.

So although we haven’t sold our cars yet, it’s really great to know that when the time comes, these kinds of companies make things a whole lot easier for us to get it all done!

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