The end of the first year [ Oden graduates from his first year at “school”]

At the start of this year, my journey as the mother of a school going child began and I was terrified.

I cried. I cried bucket loads. I really really struggled walking away every single morning for the first three weeks.   Fast forward an entire year and today is the last day of school, the end of the first year for that little boy.

The end of the first year and it feels like he just started there

He was only 18 months old when we decided he was ready to be around other kids.

He’s two years and three months old now and wow, what a change!

Now, he knows exactly where he’s going and runs ahead.

There’s no drawn out goodbye (although lately dad does all the drop offs) when we drop him off.

He wakes up every morning so excited about the day ahead always shouting “school school”, “Keke Kanga”(Teacher Candice) and “Fynny” (the name of his school bestie).

Last week we were in Joburg so he missed out on school and then this week he’s been sick so he missed most of the week too. Today, his last day at school, his bestie is sick and so he won’t see him. Next year they’re in separate classes and that’s IF we don’t somehow manage to leave before the school year begins again! I feel so overwhelmed by the end of this year – this first year of my child’s school life.

I can’t even believe that an entire year has passed with my son being at school.

Where did the time even go?

If there’s one thing I know we did right this year, it was choosing this school.

It cost us A LOT of money – a lot more than many other schools in the area but when we went around to look at schools, we couldn’t even compare this school to the others. We often struggled a lot with putting together the money each term but it was probably the best sacrifice, after his BeSafe iZiPlus car seat. I won’t compromise on my childs’ education – which often means compromising on what we can do for ourselves and I’m okay with that. Even though it makes life a lot harder.

I have no regrets!!

I have watched my child grow in leaps and bounds over the last year! 

He is hardly anything like the little baby he was on day one. He is talking, he is confident and I can see that he feels safe at his school.

I have seen him turn from baby into little boy. A confident little boy who is certain of what he wants!

I am thankful for his incredible teacher and the wonderful staff that make up his school!

Throughout the year, if anything has happened to him, his school have called me immediately and told me. Even if it was just a little bump I couldn’t even see! They always made sure we knew he was okay!

I am thankful that they helped me to let go, to let him be there, to flourish! 

All morning the tears rush to my eyes and picking him up from his possibly last day there ever isn’t going to be easy!

And now, it’s the end of the first year…

How do you know you picked the right school? When leaving is oh so hard!

Let the holidays begin! 



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