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Five apps that make my life easier in 2018


2018 is all about living in a streamlined manner and that means being more organised and productive. I’ve put together a list of the apps that I’m loving at the moment that make my life a whole lot easier!

Have a look at my list and let me know in the comments what apps you can’t live without this year!

This is probably the coolest book app I’ve ever seen! It’s a non-fiction book app that compresses the important points into a 15 minute read or listen. How cool is that?

So all the books that you WANT to read and have piling up on your bedside table but just haven’t found the time, well, now you can listen to them in the traffic, while you’re out walking, while waiting for someone etc.

Basically, all the moments you’d spend aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, you can now fit in a best-selling book. What’s not to love?

You sign up, pick a few interests (some of mine were entrepreneurship and business, personal growth and self-improvement, motivation and inspiration etc), add some books to your library and Bob’s your uncle, you’re good to go!

If you sign up you get 24 hours free and if you refer a friend and they sign up, you get another week free. So here, use this sign up link and you’ll give me another week (yay).

I’m not a gym person, I wish I was honestly but I’m just not. I find working out in the gym to be SO boring. Instead, I like going at my own pace in the comfort of my own home.

I think it has something to do with all the perfectly kitted out gym moms that frequent the gym in my area. It’s just too competitive outfit-wise hehe. So that’s a no. Which is why I was thrilled when I was contacted by Aaptiv and asked to do a review of the app in exchange for a free trial.

This app is really cool! It’s like having a personal trainer in your phone. It has so many options to choose from and really does suit every fitness level. My favourite workout so far was the one I did while cooking dinner because you know, #MomLlife, aint nobody got time to just stand around!

Whether you’re into outdoor running, strength training, yoga or various other kinds of workouts, there’s a workout for you on the app. You can also choose your trainers based on the intensity of your workout or the level of technical difficulty so this app is good for beginners or advanced users.

Canva.com is basically a gift from the gods for people like me. It’s Photoshop without needing a PhD to operate it. You basically log on, click and drag and drop and boom, you’ve got amazing graphics.

I use it to make all kinds of cool things like my MediaKit that I send to brands wanting to work with me, my inspirational graphics, my blog branding basically EVERYTHIING.

For ages, it was only available to download on the apple store and finally, they’ve released an android version which basically rules my world. Yup, it’s kinda addictive but it’s oh so practical for saving you time and money!

Living Life Positively, Purposefully and Authentically | Tyranny of Pink
Yup, I made this on Canva 🙂

Airbnb is my go-to app for finding budget friendly but good quality accommodation while travelling. It’s the best way to book a place to stay that’s for a longer trip because many hosts offer discounts on long-term stays. So if you book a week, you often get a discount and if you book a month, you get an even bigger discount, sometimes up to 40% on the full price.

It’s also a lot more personal than a hotel stay and if private is what you’re looking for then renting an entire place is the way to go. It’s also super budget friendly if you’re traveling on your own and just need a bed to crash in for the night, you can book a bed in a room in a shared house which definitely helps cut down on costs.

What’s also very cool about Airbnb is that you can also book experiences and restaurants through them which is pretty handy if you’re looking for something to do but you don’t know the area and you don’t really know what to look for.

I use this app for almost every single trip I take locally and when we move to New Zealand, we will be booking our first months stay through the app as well so I definitely put my money where my mouth is on this app.

Superbalist is probably the app I use the most often if I’m honest. It saves me a hell of a lot of time because I HATE shopping in malls and I ALWAYS need something to wear. Since gaining a million kgs after having Oden and going through all my surgery and recovery, I’ve basically needed an entirely new wardrobe. Superbalist is a winner for me because they ALWAYS have amazing specials and they also deliver your order within a couple of days.

I’ve actually had the experience of them delivering my order the next morning!! They also make the return process so easy and convenient that if an item doesn’t fit, you simply log a return and it gets collected and you’re refunded within a couple of days.

There’s none of that stress of having an item that doesn’t fit and having to return it to the store. If you have the app downloaded on your phone, you get notifications of sales as they go live which is super handy if you’re shopping on a budget. I haven’t been paid for this review, it really is just awesome!!

What apps can’t you live without? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

*I was not paid to review any of these apps but I was sent a free trial month for Aaptiv. All opinions are, as usual, completely my own! 


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  1. I will have to check out Blinkist.

    My favourites… Canva is no 1. TinyScanner a close 2nd. And ShareIt. I downloaded a VR fitness app but have yet to try it. Can see it becoming no.1 though. Lol

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