HICH! Why we support them and why you should too!

*In collaboration with HICH South Africa!

If you know me personally, or if you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you will know how important my animals are to me. Perhaps the strangest thing for me has been how shocked everyone is that we are moving abroad with our animals. We have four of them. People usually react with “oh but isn’t it so expensive” or “why don’t you re-home them” or “you’re crazy taking them across the world” and other variations of these comments. To which we usually respond with, “yes but it’s quite expensive taking our toddler too, perhaps we should re-home him too. He’s very cute, he’ll go quickly.” Okay so we don’t say that, that’s snarky and rude but we do think it because our animals are members of our family too. If taking them wasn’t an option, we would not be going. So THAT is how strongly I feel about animals.

So when I saw that HICH was looking for little brand supporters, I just knew that my golden-haired child with his ever-expanding heart would rock these T’s. He has from the very beginning loved the animals he’s surrounded by. Before he could talk, he knew the sounds of so many animals and we would literally follow him to the gate where he would sit with the dogs and bark. It was hilarious. Our son thought he was one of them!!

Anyway they kindly sent us this T-shirt and when I put it on Oden he loved it! He went to school wearing his shirt and refused to change out of it afterwards AND insisted on sleeping in it too! I told him what it says and he kept hugging the dogs and saying “take photo take photo” which was really cute as I’m sure you can imagine.

Oden is definitely a HICH-er: Supporting this brand means creating a whole new revolution of kind little human beings and that’s definitely something that this family supports! 

The HICH Story

 We love this brand, with several options to choose from in the online shop, you should go find something perfect for your child that you know will support animals in South Africa!

*Featured image was taken from the HICH website!

**Oden was sent this T-shirt to review but all opinions are ours



  • Simone Cameron
    31st January 2018

    Awww what a great post! I will confess….I am an animal lover against animal cruelty, but terribly afraid of dogs…. So you won’t find me patting a dog’s head (do they like that??), but I’d definitely get behind something like this.

    I had to chuckle at rehoming Oden…he’s cute and will go fast. LOL.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Simone Cameron
      31st January 2018

      Hahaha you have me laughing at my own jokes lol um, some dogs like it, some dogs are assholes 😛 Seriously though, my Spaniel doesn’t like anything from anyone but I can basically turn her on her head and she loves it (she ONLY loves me) and I secretly like being her one and only lol!! Thanks Simone, I love being able to support brands like this!

  • Rashi
    31st January 2018

    Awwww man Jonelle! This is such a beautiful post, I’m already on it to buy one for Shay. Just wish it also came in Adult sizes too. Anything to protect our wildlife! #BeKindtoAnimals <3

    • TyrannyofPink
      31st January 2018

      Ahhh YAY!! That makes my day! They are SO cute!! A little bit too big for Oden at the moment so that means longer wear time though that didn’t bother him one bit hehe. I LOVE anything to do with animal welfare <3

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