Twenty things that maybe you don’t know about me…

I was updating my About me section and I thought maybe it’d be cool to write a little list of things about me 🙂 They’re pretty random and they cover everything. I didn’t think too hard, just wrote them as they came up!

20 things about Jonelle…

  1. I love road trips – I will literally get in a car and drive to anywhere with or without a plan for once we get there! Once I went on a road trip that somehow ended up with me going to South America! True story!
  2. I am absolutely obsessed with home decor. Like weirdly so… I LOVE Industrial style houses and would live in a loft in a heart beat!
  3. I grew up riding horses and I’m really good at riding like a cowboy (farm style).
  4. I’ve always had a million dogs. We had eight at one point while growing up (I lived on a farm and wish I could have that many here but city life says NO). We are serious animal people though – I have four pets now. Two dogs – Jessie (Bubby) and Jax (Jaxson) and two cats – Miley (schminkles) and Mr Charles (Charlie)
  5. I struggle with anxiety and depression – I get awful panic attacks but I know how to push through them so I don’t let them stop me from achieving things I want to achieve. Yay life experience!
  6. I have quite a lot of tattoos – people are always surprised about how much of my body is covered! I guess I don’t look like someone who gets tattoos?
  7. I have degrees in Politics, Anthropology, Diversity Studies and Social Development.
  8. I’ve always worked in the Non Profit sector. – My childhood dream was to work for the UN.
  9. Having another child is too risky so we are a one child family and we are okay with that!
  10. My grandparents raised me for a decade of my life. I was so spoiled – I literally had TWO bedrooms!
  11. I love being by the ocean but I don’t like the beach.
  12. I love wine – so much! You already knew this though didn’t you?!
  13. I took a gap year after my dad died – it was something we’d talked about me doing and as soon as I finished my first honours degree I went off on my own across the world. – I loved it!
  14. I’m afraid of spiders but my mom found me eating one as a baby (thanks mom!)
  15. I don’t believe in having regrets but all the regrets I have about my life are about not spending more time with the people I’ve lost.
  16. I don’t feel pressurised to be like everyone else. This is pretty cool – but when I was younger I always felt like an outcast. Now I embrace being unconventional.
  17. My favourite bands are still the same bands from when I was 13 (Guns & Roses and Bon Jovi Forever!!)
  18. I’m a super forgiving person! Water under the bridge.
  19. I’ve sky dived and been paragliding but I would NEVER bungee jump. It’s so not for me. I’m terrified of heights!
  20. My sons second name is Christopher. He’s named after my grandfather and my father <3

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