South Africa | A wonderful weekend in Stanford!

where to stay in the western cape


Stanford is by far one of my favourite little hidden gems. It’s inland so it’s not as popular as a lot of other little towns but that’s what makes it extra special to me. It’s also not too far from Hermanus so if you’re desperate for a little time at the beach, that’s a quick 20 minute drive away from you.

We stayed at the most amazing place for absolute rest and relaxation. A little place called White Water Farm. It’s not the most budget place available in the area so it’s definitely more suited to a special weekend away than a budget getaway but it’s really worth every penny if luxury and comfort is what you’re after.

Great for the whole family

It’s really child friendly so we took our little mouse with us and he had the best time. There are horses and cattle on the property and an absolutely gorgeous dam. You’re given free range of the farm which is lovely because it’s really just so beautiful out there and a walk up to the dam doesn’t take too long and is just beautiful.

We had an interesting little experience being chased by a new mommy cow while Oden was passed out on his dads shoulder. I don’t recommend that but it sure made for a laugh once we got away from her.

We ended up staying a night longer than planned (it’s just that great) and our original room was already booked so we were moved into the Gate House which was just so damn beautiful. We didn’t even have to lift a finger, we went out for the day and came home and all our things had been moved to the new place. Such amazing service.

I was so happy the entire weekend that I actually pictured myself moving to the countryside and getting a horse and setting up this kinda life for myself on a permanent basis. Hey a girl can dream can’t she?!

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So much to do nearby too

There’s a lot to do right there like the cheese place which is GREAT for kids with wide open lawns, an amazing play area, animals and excellent picnic options from the deli.

We also went to Birkenhead because beer is life for us hehe and by complete coincidence, my rock n roll mommy friend Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust was there too with her husband Cole for a romantic weekend away. So of course we gatecrashed their weekend and met up for lunch. We had a great time tasting beer together while we ran after our kid and they laughed at how chilled they got to be. Worth it.

We took a couple of day trips away from the main town too because we wanted to take advantage of being in the area. It was such a lovely weekend and I really enjoyed every minute of exploring the little town itself. The people are quite friendly out there which is always nice when you’re exploring an isolated little country town.

Definitely one of my favourite South African towns! 

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I’d love to hear from you

Have you been to Stanford before? Do you love it?
What’s your absolute favourite small South African town?


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