Potty Training My Toddler!

This post is a little braggy but I’m okay with that. This is the story of how we are potty training our toddler Oden who is is now two and a half. 
Potty Training My Toddler! | Tyranny of Pink
On the 31st of March, Oden decided he didn’t want to wear a nappy. He refused and told me he’s going to “pee like daddy” now. That day he ran around with no nappy and peed ONLY in the toilet standing up. I even found him there doing it by himself without telling me.
The following days we put underpants on him and he proudly announced each time “look mommy mine unnerpants” – in the days since then he has had four or five accidents.
We put nappies on him at night but last night he refused so we put it on him after he fell asleep because waking up to a wet bed is no fun.
I woke up this morning to my child banging on the door shouting “need to wee wee in the toilet mommy” and his nappy was bone dry. I know it’s early but so far, this is much easier than I was prepared for.
I expected potty training to be really hard but honestly, I think waiting for him to be ready has made ALL the difference. People have told us numerous times it’s time to potty train him but he didn’t seem ready.

I like the idea of listening to your child’s needs.

[bctt tweet=”Children come into the world exquisitely designed, and strongly motivated, to educate themselves. They don’t need to be forced to learn; in fact, coercion undermines their natural desire to learn. ~ Peter Gray” username=”tyrannyofpink”]

We started with Baby Led Weaning and he has NO issues about eating any types of food now. He has a really good attitude to eating too. He eats when he’s hungry and he stops when he’s full. We never force feed him. He eats almost anything! 
I’m not being holier than thou, I’m literally still learning how to mom and I’m definitely not saying our way is the best way but I am saying that listening to your child seems to work.
Treating them like people makes a massive difference.
They may be little but a lot of frustration comes from being forced to do things. Or from not being allowed to try things. Or from being told you MUST eat things you don’t like. Imagine if you said you don’t like pork and someone force-fed a pork chop to you. If you wouldn’t like it, why would they! 
I’m sure there is a long way still to go before he’s fully potty trained but for now, yay Oden!
I’m so super proud of how he decided he was ready and he hasn’t looked back since.
Even when I doubt his ability to do it, HE knows he’s ready! 
This post should probably be called ” That time my toddler potty trained himself” to be honest! 


  • Venean
    6th April 2018

    Oh wow, what an encouraging post. I have been dreading potty training because Daniel is almost two. Thus far we haven’t been too good with forcing anything either. He is still breastfeeding at 20 months, I just can’t bare to see him as upset as he gets when I tell him Nana is broken ??? so I am really hoping and praying that this will happen to us too!

    • TyrannyofPink
      7th April 2018

      I think the fact that he’s still breastfeeding is AMAZING – so many health benefits so don’t beat yourself up. When you are both ready – you will make it work! Also, I think just take it as it comes Vee, don’t put pressure on either of you. Oden literally pees in the garden now because that’s what makes being potty trained fun. Ummm I really don’t know how school is going to react when he pees in the sand pit hehehe

  • Simone Cameron
    6th April 2018

    You can definitely celebrate and brag Jonelle…such an exciting milestone!

    With my middle child we waited until he was 2 and a month…when he was ready on his own. Within 2 weeks he was off night nappies as well and never regressed. My daughter started earlier (at 20 months off day nappies), but took longer with night time, so also off night nappies at 2yrs and 2m. Same age, but different approach.

    Adam…urgh…. We’ve waited for his queues. He was happy being in ‘unnerpants’ to wee in the toilet, but pooping he’d request a nappy. He would hold that poop in for 3hrs until we put a nappy on. No jokes. Now he’s at a point where he doesn’t want to even wee in the toilet anymore. So back to nappies and disgusting toddler poop in a nappy. Thankfully my husband knows I birthed them…poop nappies are his responsibility. LOL

    I definitely believe in listening to your child. Classic example is we tried to potty train my eldest at 17m, she was very mature, spoke well and seemed ready, but after seeing how she was becoming angry and resentful…we stopped potty training and then 2 months later she was ready, on her own. Much easier process when it comes from them.

    Well done to Oden (and to mommy!)! Please let him send some of that success our way…asseblief!

    • TyrannyofPink
      Simone Cameron
      6th April 2018

      Wow, you’ve had TWO very successful potty training experiences! That’s so amazing. Oh Adam, don’t you know us mammas are tired of poop lol

      I think I just got very lucky with Oden. With his dummy, he bit it and it got a hole and I said shall we throw it away and it was just done. He asked for it twice. He does everything only when and if he’s ready and I’m learning as I go that this is just his personality. He knows exactly what he wants and no amount of pressure from my end is going to change it. I’m literally that mother wearing a jacket while my child runs around in a T-shirt in snow because I’ve given up the fight. Someone said to me “pick the battles” and I think it was the best advice ever! Thank you for the support and encouragement! Xxx

  • Rashi
    6th April 2018

    Yay, Oden!! Super proud reading this, Jonelle 🙂 So happy your experience is a good one. Still taking cues from Shay. All in good time. Well done, mommy!! 🙂

    • TyrannyofPink
      6th April 2018

      Thanks Rashi! He was the same with his dummy, just ready when he was ready and I’ve been very lucky with him. Shay is so bright and when he’s ready, you will no doubt know hehe!! Thanks my lovely friend! <3

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